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Casual-edgy chic

26 May

Good afternoon dolls, this post is going to be based on one of my favourite topics…fashion!  I like to consider my fashion sense to be casual and edgy at the same time.  I like the idea of pairing ripped jeans with a white v-necked Tee and fierce stilettos, and of course you gotta rock the accessories.  my fave item to accessorize with would probably be hoop earrings…LOOOVE THEEM!  I’m a laid back kind a gal with a little bit of an edgy side so I like my clothes to portray the same image.  Here’s a couple of pics to demonstrate what I mean.

Around the time that its usaully cold I love to rock scarfs! With this get up I paired a black and gray scarf with a vest, follwed by a Mickey tee to add that casual element I was talking about!

I love these shoes! They were so fierce and I got them for a fair price at Charlotte Russe. They hurt like heck though! By the way, word to the wise never wear pink toe polish with red shoes, the colors dont blend well at all lol!

I loved this look! It was very girly but the aviator jacket managed to add that slight edge that I love! This is also an example of a great way to embellish your faux hawk if you wanna be a little different! This flower added pop to my whole ensemble.

I got this black romper at Ross and paired it with a cardigan from Charlotte Russe to keep my shoulders warm. I wore this look with gold sandals.

I accesorized this look with adjacent rings and my gold Hello Kitty earrings ( I got them at Carol Mart in Dade County so I doubt they're still available). I love to keep my makeup sweet and subtle, especially for any daytime outings.


This style is one of my all time favourites! The denim vest trend is totally in this season. I prefer to pair mine with a black tank, black leggings and killer ankle boots!

I got the ankle boots for a great deal at Marshalls. They're one of my favourites!

I’ll keep you posted on the latest!  There’s still so much more to come!!


In love with my natural coils!

26 May

Hey dolls, I just wanted to post a blog about my fashion choices as well as my journey with  natural hair.  Like my sister, I too have always had natural hair but have recently began learning how to really take care of it.  I never really added much heat to it (other than blow drying) but it was overstyled. I used to braid and twist my hair constantly, never giving it a break so my hair was just exhausted.  Finally later on I noticed that my sister’s hair started to look healthier, curlier and just downright luxurious.  So I asked her what her secret was and thats when she told me about the feistyhouse. It changed my hairs life lol!  Afterwards I began to vist the site regularly and began taking better care of my hair.  At first length was the main goal for me, but as of lately I’ve just really been diggin the health of my hair more than the length.  Its softer and more manageable, I JUST LOVE MY NATURAL HAIR!!!!  The more natural products you use in your hair the better.  Stay away from products that include petroleum or harsh sulfates names that are difficult to pronounce lol.   I prefer using organic poducts in my hair. My absolute favorite hair products include Dr. bonners peppermint castille soap (which has organic oils), Herbal Essence Long Term Relationship, and last but not least my sisters shea butter mixture.  Ladies, ladies, ladies…this women has created what I like to call hair crack! Yes I said it, it’s literally crack for your hair!  Its the secret we natural sistahs have been searching for when it comes to keeping our hair moisturized when its left out (puffs, braidouts, afros etc). Its a wonderful mixture of cantu shea butter, followed by glycerin and castor oil for shine!  Definately some amazing stuff!  Anyway, here are a few pics of my hair and styles that I’ve tried along the way.  Leave comments for the hairstyles that catch your eye so that I can post tutorials for the most commented.

This was during my consistant blowdrying phase. Also this is the time I accidentally got my eyebrows overtweezed. My dad said they looked like Nike checks!


This was a twist out. I had my hair in tiny twists and took them out when the twists got stale. It left me with soft, defined curls. I kept my hair moisturized with coconut oil for the days I had it was twisted.


Now where getting some where! For this style I had in bantu knots (chiney bumps) the night before and took them out the following morning. I added a flower to give some pizzaz to the whole look.


My infamous faux hawk. I did this look for New years and was very pleased with the outcome.

bantu knots out lol!

My curly updo. I was ridin them waves lol!

Twist out updo.

Ode to fabulous, natural hair

23 May

Good morning dolls! I wanted to do a post on my hair. I have been natural my entire life. But, because I was not sure what to do with it, I went a whole year flat ironing it. After that ordeal, It began to break and shed like nobody’s business. My ends were a wreck! So, I decided to cut it. Short. Like Rihanna’s bob cut, short. Big mistake. HUGE. I mean, it looked good, but it was counter productive because the only way I could style it was if it was straight! As my hair grew out, I decided that I would not put heat to it anymore. I was sharing my frustrations of limited things to do with my hair to a girlfriend, Mellisa (hey girl!), and she mentioned a site to me called the Feisty House. HI KOOS! It was a done deal. From Feisty House came my discovery of Curly Nikki and from Curly Nikki, I discovered Black Girl Long Hair. I want to say a huge thanks to those bloggers before me, you’ve all been an inspiration. Anyways, since taking some of their tips and using them on my own hair, I have found that my hair is returning to it’s healthy and growing state. I need to learn how to wash my hair more often though….lol. Check out the pictures below of my hair. I will be doing tutorials on what I use to get it to look like this in the future. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy! Later dolls!

This is one of my engagement pictures. That's a curlformer look

Here's another shot of the curlformers style

A twist out. I walked around for TWO DAYS looking like side show bob to get those coils.....

close up of the definition

another close up of the curls

a braidout. I saw snow for the first time. nearly lost my damn mind! lol

twist out I think....

Office appropriate Fierceness!

23 May

1. If your underthings are showing, it’s not office attire. Nothing says “slutatious….(I know…lol) more than looking at someones unmentionables through their clothes. Even lace tops with bra/camisoles underneath may be to risque. You can still be fierce without being overexposed.

2. Take cues from your co-workers. You don’t have to look like carbon copies of everyone else, but atleast take notice to what everyone else is rocking so that you can gauge what is ok or not in your office. When in doubt, don’t wear it.

3. Make sure your clothes fit. This should go without saying, but lets be real here, how many times have you set out to wear a pair of pants in your closet and had to hold your breath to get them to zip up? Just me? Ok…lol…anywho. If  you’re struggling to fit in it, don’t wear it to work.

4. Sex it up with the shoes. You can be all business on the top and have the party on your feet. Unless you work in a plant or something, you can make the simplest outfit a little more flirty with a bad ass pair of shoes.

I am sure there are more pointers that I am forgetting. I intend on doing a continuation of this post, but will leave you with these four. Check out the ‘fits below and lemme know whatcha think! Hope you get a twinkle in your eye for these two outfits! Until later, stay gorgeous, dolls!

I wanted dark colors up top so the shoes would pop.

I'm rocking tree braids....a trial run for my upcoming nuptuals!

Just a little cleavage. They're Cs whadya want me to do? Freshwater pearl necklace $50 from Target. Vest/Jacket $24 from Forever21. Brown tank top from Wet Seal to for $10. Belt $17 from The Body Shop.

BCBG shoes from DSW. An "I love you" gift from my fiancee:-)

Here's another shot....just because theyre so damn awesome!

Jacket/vest thingee is from Forever21. The dress was $85 from Express

Dress without the jacket

Shoes by Zigi Soho from DSW

The bottoms are gold ya'll!

my first blog

19 May

Good afternoon dolls, Its Sherica and this will be my first official post since the opening of our dollhouse, YEAAAAAA ( I’m such a geek)!  Anyway, I decided to just use this time to welcome you guys and just let you know how truely happy my sister and I are about this blog that we’ve created.  We just happen to be two of the happiest natural women you’ll ever meet.  I mean really, I could sit here for hours just typing about afros, kinks, curls and dreads and not get bored.  This site is gonna be great for any woman that has been natural all her life or is transitioning to natural hair, she’ll find all she needs right here.  We’re also going to be sharing fashion tips as well as sharing inspiration and empowerment through each one of our posts.  This blog is about strenthging, rebuilding and nourishing the female soul one post at a time.   So stick around, there’s soooooo much more to come!  Later dolls

Hello world!

16 May

Hello gorgeous! Thanks for visiting our blog! The whole purpose of this blog is to empower young women to be unapologetically fabulous, fashionable and fierce. We’ll be doing posts on fashion, hair care (we both have natural curls) life lessons and everything in between. I’m Taneica (the older of the two) and my sister is Sherica. We are five years apart and at different stages in our lives. I’m getting married in three months, writing a book and aspiring to be a daytime talk show host. For the time being, I am a case manager and cheerleading coach. My little sister is a college coed, preparing for life away from the parents (yay for dorms!!!) She wants to be an OB-GYN. Though we both have a thing for fashion, I love shoes, while Sherica kills it with the accessories. Stay tuned and we will hook you guys UP! Thanks again for visiting and until next time, work it, work it, WORK it. Later dolls!