Ode to fabulous, natural hair

23 May

Good morning dolls! I wanted to do a post on my hair. I have been natural my entire life. But, because I was not sure what to do with it, I went a whole year flat ironing it. After that ordeal, It began to break and shed like nobody’s business. My ends were a wreck! So, I decided to cut it. Short. Like Rihanna’s bob cut, short. Big mistake. HUGE. I mean, it looked good, but it was counter productive because the only way I could style it was if it was straight! As my hair grew out, I decided that I would not put heat to it anymore. I was sharing my frustrations of limited things to do with my hair to a girlfriend, Mellisa (hey girl!), and she mentioned a site to me called the Feisty House. HI KOOS! It was a done deal. From Feisty House came my discovery of Curly Nikki and from Curly Nikki, I discovered Black Girl Long Hair. I want to say a huge thanks to those bloggers before me, you’ve all been an inspiration. Anyways, since taking some of their tips and using them on my own hair, I have found that my hair is returning to it’s healthy and growing state. I need to learn how to wash my hair more often though….lol. Check out the pictures below of my hair. I will be doing tutorials on what I use to get it to look like this in the future. Thanks again for visiting and enjoy! Later dolls!

This is one of my engagement pictures. That's a curlformer look

Here's another shot of the curlformers style

A twist out. I walked around for TWO DAYS looking like side show bob to get those coils.....

close up of the definition

another close up of the curls

a braidout. I saw snow for the first time. nearly lost my damn mind! lol

twist out I think....


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