Office appropriate Fierceness!

23 May

1. If your underthings are showing, it’s not office attire. Nothing says “slutatious….(I know…lol) more than looking at someones unmentionables through their clothes. Even lace tops with bra/camisoles underneath may be to risque. You can still be fierce without being overexposed.

2. Take cues from your co-workers. You don’t have to look like carbon copies of everyone else, but atleast take notice to what everyone else is rocking so that you can gauge what is ok or not in your office. When in doubt, don’t wear it.

3. Make sure your clothes fit. This should go without saying, but lets be real here, how many times have you set out to wear a pair of pants in your closet and had to hold your breath to get them to zip up? Just me? Ok…lol…anywho. If  you’re struggling to fit in it, don’t wear it to work.

4. Sex it up with the shoes. You can be all business on the top and have the party on your feet. Unless you work in a plant or something, you can make the simplest outfit a little more flirty with a bad ass pair of shoes.

I am sure there are more pointers that I am forgetting. I intend on doing a continuation of this post, but will leave you with these four. Check out the ‘fits below and lemme know whatcha think! Hope you get a twinkle in your eye for these two outfits! Until later, stay gorgeous, dolls!

I wanted dark colors up top so the shoes would pop.

I'm rocking tree braids....a trial run for my upcoming nuptuals!

Just a little cleavage. They're Cs whadya want me to do? Freshwater pearl necklace $50 from Target. Vest/Jacket $24 from Forever21. Brown tank top from Wet Seal to for $10. Belt $17 from The Body Shop.

BCBG shoes from DSW. An "I love you" gift from my fiancee:-)

Here's another shot....just because theyre so damn awesome!

Jacket/vest thingee is from Forever21. The dress was $85 from Express

Dress without the jacket

Shoes by Zigi Soho from DSW

The bottoms are gold ya'll!


2 Responses to “Office appropriate Fierceness!”

  1. DeAngela May 28, 2010 at 3:16 pm #

    Hey miss. First i agree about wat u said lol. My favorite outfit is the first one n those shoes look so good with the outfit. He did a good job picking out those shoes. As for the dress outfit i like it with the jacket. well until ur nxt blog later……….

    • shatterproofglassdolls May 29, 2010 at 3:28 am #

      Thanks DeAngela! The dress is really cute, I just need to lose a few poundsto do it justice….lol. I’m working on it! Stay tuned! There’s soooooo much more!

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