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My side-swept doo

20 Jun

Good Morning dolls,  I’m on a mission (2 postings in a day lol) , anyway I wanted to share a tutorial with you on one of my favorite funky hairstyles!  I’ve found myself rocking this doo quite often lately either when I’m hanging out with the girls or for a night out on the town this is my go to coif! Heres how I go through the process:

Be sure to start of any loose style with freshly washed locks. You'll want your hair to be moisturized, conditioned, and free of any prior to build up!


Next, your gonna want to get your supplies together. For the style you'll need to side combs (like the one shown above), a hard bristle brush, a few hair pins(depending on the amount of hair you have you may need more or less), and Olive Oil edge control to complete your style with neat edges!

 Now to get started! First, Moisturized your hair with your daily moisturizer to keep it soft and conditioned while your ends are out ( may I suggest my sister’s creamy crack or a mist of olive oil, light conditioner and water mixture). Brush all your hair over to one side, left or right it doesnt matter its all up to your preference.  Make sure that the side thats brushed is neat and in place.  When you’ve got the side of you hair brushed over to exactly where you want it you start to secure it using your side combs.  Place the first side comb towards the back and the other one closer up front (right in front of the first comb)to even it out.  Next, you’ll notice that you have a few loose strands here and there, thats where your hair pins come in!  Your going to take your hair pins and secure the loose pieces of hair towards the back and front of your head.  By this time you should like your rocking a mohawk on one side of your head lol.   Now its time to brush up your edges using the edge control gel.  This stuff works wonders for your edges and also holds your baby hair in place when your feelin a little like Chilli of TLC.  Finally, its time to finish up your new look with a mist of my olive oil mixture that you used to moisturize your hair in the beginning!  There you have it dolls, your new doo is complete.  It should come out looking something like this!



Memorial day glamour!

20 Jun

Hey dolls, sorry for putting this post up so late but here it is.  This was what I wore for Memorial day and also how I combed my hair.  My hair didnt come out exactly how I had invisioned it would but it be like that sometimes lol.  I loved this denim shirt dress get-up,  and it was Taneica’s idea to pair it with the laced up gladiators.  So what do you think?!!!!!

Also, here are some pics of Taneica’s attire! She decided to put her own twist on casual chic by adding a neck tie, veeery fierce!  Oh my gosh, and those boots!  Did ya’ll see the boots?  She was killing it!

Holy shhhhhh! My hair is growing!

16 Jun

Hey guys! I wanted to show you guys my hair length. I think it’s armpit length now! My goal is to get it to bra strap length by next summer and my ultimate goal is to get it to mid back by next christmas. I plan to do another length check in December so I can compare it to this picture. But just so you have an idea, this is my hair when I cut it 2 years ago…so sad :-(.

It was a cute cut though. But yo, check out my hair now!

If that’s not progress, then I don’t know what is! I also took some pictures of my braid out because I was having a good hair day. It’s amazing how washing your hair can do that…lol.

So after my impromptu photo shoot, (I’m fabulous, I can’t help it…lol) I did this nifty updo and called it a night. If you like it, leave a comment and I’ll do a tutorial on it!

So whadya think? OOOOOOH and for your viewing pleasure…..

Disregard the mess behind me. We’re painting. But do you SEE those shoes? Theyre like Xena Warrior Princess shoes! They are by zigi soho. Take another look!



 Lol! I hope you stunners out there enjoyed my little blurb! Stay tuned, Sherica will be back later today or tomorrow with even more fierceness for you all! Are you ready? Until next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

Step into my closet dahling!

14 Jun

Hi dolls! I am very excited about this post because it is giving me an opportunity to let you all into my most favorite room in our (Jeff’s and My…hee hee) house! Okay, so a few months ago for valentine’s day, my fantastic fiancée built me the most amazing closet he could muster. It’s pink, black and white with a bad ass shoe shelf and a mirror. It also has a store light! I mean, this closet is amaaaaazing. I have always been curious about fashionable people’s closet space and was very jealous of Carrie Bradshaw’s dream closet in the first sex and the city movie. But now, I have a fabulous closet of my own! I have truly arrived as a real, live, fashionista! Take a gander!

Look ma! It's pink!


a lil' glimpse of the shoe section




The rest of the closet is white with black stripes 🙂


This is the light in the closet...It looks like a track light in a boutique!


Let me just tell you guys that I just LOVE the man who made me this closet. He has to be the most incredible man on the face of this earth. He makes my dreams come true EVERY SINGLE DAY. He strives to make me smile every chance he gets and I love him for  that. Don’t settle ladies. I never would have known true happiness with someone else if I didn’t give him a chance. Sigh…he just rocks. Anywho, This is my first dream closet. When we move, he promises to make me an even prettier one! Well dolls, until next time, stay gorgeous!

This is how I feel about washing my hair…..

13 Jun

So, today was a really bad day….why? Because I had to wash my frikin hair! Now, I must admit, I am probably one of the nastiest people on the planet when it comes to washing my hair, but in my defense, it is a day long process.  Nevertheless, I sucked it up and washed my hair today. As you can see from the above picture, I was less than enthused. I figured that this would be an awesome opportunity to do a tutorial so that newly natural dolls and/or experienced natural dolls can get some ideas and maybe try something new! Ok, so first things first, I like to start with Dr. Bronners Peppermint Castile Soap to cleanse my hair of all the grease and ickies that build up in it (especially when I decide not to wash it for like 3 weeks). I love this soap because it is so minty and the bottle has lotsa interesting things to read! It would be wonderful reading material while one is washing their hair, but the peppermint in the shampoo is so strong, you have to keep your eyes tightly shut or the minty suds will burn the shit out of you! I know this from experience! lol! Anyways, your scalp will tingle with minty freshness. You can get it at any whole foods or vitamin store. Vitamin World sells it for sure! It’s phenomenal!

Next, I do a second wash with Optimum Shampoo. It smells so sexy, y’all! It has olive oil, avocado oil and lots of other moisturizer to help your hair stay soft and manageable. This shampoo takes really well to my hair after the inital wash with the castile soap because my hair just sops up all the good stuff this second shampoo has to offer. It’s like 5 bucks at Wal-Mart, in the “black folks hair product” section.

Third step is a condition and comb out with the accompanying conditioner. This stuff is so creamy and thick, it works wonders for combing through hair in the shower, lemme  tell ya!

After I comb through with conditioner I leave the conditioner on my hair and add warm olive oil to my hair for added moisture. I slap on three (yes three) shower caps and a Rastafarian hat and go do something else. I left it in for like 2 hours today. The longer I leave it in, the more it soaks in. This works for me. It may not work for everyone else though. As I was combing out my hair, I noticed that I am shedding über bad. I know it’s because I don’t do low manipulation hairstyles and washing as often as I should, but not that I’ve seen this, I am going to. My hair is growing fast, but if I don’t start doing low manipulation hairstyles like braids and start washing my hair regularly, it’s going to be all for nothing :-(.

Thank God I have alot of hair, or I'd be bald, yo.

After the deep treatment. I washed out my hair with cold water, but left them in the twists so that my hair wouldn’t tangle. As you can see from the below picture, I am still not pleased with this damn hair washing thing.

Anyways, after my hair was clean and ready to be styled, I had my fiancée grease my scalp with DooGro. This stuff makes my hair grow like weeds!

I then began styling my hair with my natural creamy crack mixture that Sherica mentioned in an earlier post. I will do a post on my formula once I perfect it ;-).

The style below is what I will keep my hair in until thursday when Sherica re-styles it. Let me know what you think! There will be more posts tomorrow when I get home from church. I hope you enjoyed my post and found it useful. I will be back soon! Stay gorgeous dolls! 

My brand new Applebottoms

8 Jun

And no I dont mean the jeans!  Im talking about shoes ladies.  I would like to introduce you to my new felice shoes from the AppleBottoms spring 2010 collection.  They’re so fierce and exotic. I’m usaully not very big on animal print (sometimes but only if done right) but these were an exception.  Oh I cant talk about them anymore, just look…

The ride or die chick epidemic

4 Jun

*sigh* Ladies, ladies, ladies we have all heard about or dealt with this topic so many times that whether or not we’ve been through it we’d probably still be able to hold seminars about it.  I’m talking about the infamous ride or die chicks.  This term goes waaaay back and has been  popularized by the hip hop community as well as the black community.  For instance Tiny and T.I.!

 Now I hope that I don’t offend anyone with the things that I say in this post.  That is not my intention.   However if you could be a lady about it and post respectable comments,then I’d love to hear what you have to say!  Now back to the concept at hand.  I’m all for women sticking by their men,  to me personally that’s a part of what love is.  But when it comes to something that can tarnish your reputation, or leave you in an unbearable amount of pain and stress, then I think its time to question the love you have for yourself.  I believe that ones self love should never be compromised by the love that they have for another.  You and God are literally all you’ve got at the end of the day so falling out of love with either one can be extremely dangerous.  Staying involved with someone who is incarcerated or involved in “illegal business” does just that.  I t compromises the things that are good and healthy for you and your children.  For example, lets just say your involved with a someone and its serious. You’ve been through hell fire for this man and all you’ve got to show for it is your loyalty.  Have you ever paused to think for one minute that maybe, the same way I’m out here trying to make things work for him as well as for us, maybe he should keep himself from situations that could cause him to lose everything that we’ve worked for.  I refuse to believe any man that says hustling is all he can do to feed his wife (or babymama) and kids.  Really now? don’t you think they deserve more.  You knew what you were getting yourself into when you started hustling, don’t believe anyone that says otherwise. The risk that you could be murdered or imprisoned and your child would have to grow up being privately and sometimes publically called a bastard or having to hear agonizing, straining and sometimes truthful tales of their fathers  is beyond being unfair. Dont tell me that the one’s you love don’t deserve better.  The same goes for the women who like to boast that they’ve been with their men through such occurences. What do you have to show for it?  Most times, not even a ring!  What does that situation do for you?  You have given your life, energy, body and unconditional love to a  man who can’t or wont reciprocate that love right back.  I know love is selfless, but not in the aspect of giving the love back.  The person that would give they’re life for you deserves the same in return.  So men, please do us good women a favor and keep your butts outta trouble so we women don’t have to make excuses for why we love you, why we love at all, or why we even bother.  Make us proud of you, make us deserving of YOU! We deserve to tell you that we love you face to face and not through a bulletproof glass, we deserve to have intimate moments with you in the privacy of our homes and not via conjugal  visits, our children deserve to know they’re fathers and have positive images of men through them, and we deserve you….the BEST of you!  I am in no way trying to bash the women that decide that this is right for them.  By all means, you know what you can take emotionally handle mama so do you.  But for all the women that know who they are and what they deserve and open their hearts to the many blessings awaiting them through their heavenly father…be blessed my sister! You are beautiful, you are powerful, and you are strong and don’t allow anyone tell you that you are less than who you KNOW you are!  God bless dolls!