My side-swept doo

20 Jun

Good Morning dolls,  I’m on a mission (2 postings in a day lol) , anyway I wanted to share a tutorial with you on one of my favorite funky hairstyles!  I’ve found myself rocking this doo quite often lately either when I’m hanging out with the girls or for a night out on the town this is my go to coif! Heres how I go through the process:

Be sure to start of any loose style with freshly washed locks. You'll want your hair to be moisturized, conditioned, and free of any prior to build up!


Next, your gonna want to get your supplies together. For the style you'll need to side combs (like the one shown above), a hard bristle brush, a few hair pins(depending on the amount of hair you have you may need more or less), and Olive Oil edge control to complete your style with neat edges!

 Now to get started! First, Moisturized your hair with your daily moisturizer to keep it soft and conditioned while your ends are out ( may I suggest my sister’s creamy crack or a mist of olive oil, light conditioner and water mixture). Brush all your hair over to one side, left or right it doesnt matter its all up to your preference.  Make sure that the side thats brushed is neat and in place.  When you’ve got the side of you hair brushed over to exactly where you want it you start to secure it using your side combs.  Place the first side comb towards the back and the other one closer up front (right in front of the first comb)to even it out.  Next, you’ll notice that you have a few loose strands here and there, thats where your hair pins come in!  Your going to take your hair pins and secure the loose pieces of hair towards the back and front of your head.  By this time you should like your rocking a mohawk on one side of your head lol.   Now its time to brush up your edges using the edge control gel.  This stuff works wonders for your edges and also holds your baby hair in place when your feelin a little like Chilli of TLC.  Finally, its time to finish up your new look with a mist of my olive oil mixture that you used to moisturize your hair in the beginning!  There you have it dolls, your new doo is complete.  It should come out looking something like this!



2 Responses to “My side-swept doo”

  1. Anafrodisiac September 7, 2010 at 12:35 pm #

    Nice blog site! I like this hairstyle!

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