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Fashionable for For No Reason At All

31 Jul

Hey dolls! Here’s an outfit I threw together to go shopping with the fiance. The shirt dress is from Marshalls and the Shoes are by Harijuku Lovers. They were originally priced at 75 dollars. I got them for 7 bucks at Marshalls. I had $12 dollars in my back account when I bought them. That’s how badly I wanted these shoes. LOL.  I will be back with more posts soon! Stay gorgeous dolls!

Jeff's dog Lucky is always trying to ruin my damn pictures!

Here’s a close up of them. They look like a picnic basket with ants crawling inside. SO CUTE! And COMFY!!!
 Hope you enjoyed your visit and got some head to toe inspiration! Come back soon as we have more goodies in store for you all! Stay stunning! Later dolls!

Fierceness at Any Price Point

30 Jul

So, I have found these magnificent shoes at Neiman Marcus (my favorite place next to DSW, Disney World and Barnes and Nobel) and thought to myself,  ‘HEY! THOSE LOOK LIKE MY $89 STEVE MADDENS!’  I’m just as irrationally persistent when it comes to shoes as the next shoe freak, but I’ll take an opprotunity to spend less money for the same thing in a quickness. So below are some gorgeous shoes by Sergio Rossi (sounds expensive, huh?) and some equally fabulous Steve Maddens for a fraction of the cost! I actually own a pair of these Steve Maddens and they are gorg! My legs look magnificent in them! I will be sure to take pics in them.

You can purchase these shoes from Neiman Marcus for $695.

 Below are the Steve Madden versions minus the peep toe.

You can purchase these from his website for $89.99. A fraction of the cost!|womens shoes|womens pumps|

The Baddest Boots on the Planet!

30 Jul

Hey dolls! It’s been a week, I know :-). I have TWO WEEKS until the big day so I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. In fact, I have not washed my hair in like 3 weeks….sigh….I know, I know. I am working on it! I have no pictures to show you right now as my hair is so wickedly dirty, dry and ready to be cleaned that I am highly flammable right now. No worries, I have an appointment with my hair dresser tomorrow and will have some posts of my clean and flyness tomorrow…lol.  Nevertheless, I am here to share some more fab styles with you! The first pair of boots below were sent to us from a fellow doll named Takeysha (HEY GIRL!). Takeysha and I have an affinity for the fabulous and stupidly expensive…lol! Below are some bad ass crocodile boots made by Dior (whom I adore). They can be found at Neiman Marcus for 1,090 smackeroos! Check em out!

If you’re ballin’ and want to buy  these babies, hit up Neiman Marcus!

So, me being the short lil’ something I am, I need some height. So below are these sexy Fendi boots that are apart of the pre fall collection. These shoes scream “I’m feminine and sexy, but I will step on your throat if you f**k with me”….ok, maybe not for anybody else, but you get my drift, yes?

These boots are $1,350 on Net-A-Porter.

You can get the black ones at Neiman Marcus for the same price.

My super high afro puff

30 Jul

Good afternoon dolls, Right now my hair is anything but cute, thankfully I was able to take pictures of my afro puff  before I went to church on Monday.  What do you think?

I mean you can just see the moisture lol!  My hair was so soft and manageable due to my regular usage of the infamous “creaky crack.”  I dont know if you ladies are familiar with the drawstring afro puff but its the simplest, flyest (just made that up), and most secure afro puff that you’ll ever achieve no matter what your hair type.  You could use the bottom of an old shirt, an old shoe lace,or even a stocking.  Anything that you know is gonna have some stretch to it, so that when you tighten the puff its nice and secure.  You just tie your shoe lace (or whatever) around your head and slowly move the front piece back ( like your pushing back a headband).  Then while ur doing that, ur gonna move the piece where the lace is tied at the back of your head upward.  The closer you get to the top is the more you tighten, and the more you tighten is the higher your puff gets.  Finally, voila:

a super cute, super high afro puff.  I usually do this when I need something quick and fabulous!  I held down my edges with Organics olive oil edge control (creamy crack for your edges).

How to: my curly fro that was featured on Black Girl Long Hair.

28 Jul

  Hey dolls,  I wanna start off by thanking everyone on the team who made it possible for me to share my joy in natural hair to the world.  I’d also like to thank all the ladies that left those beautiful and encouraging comments, thank you!  However, there were some specific comments on my curly fro featured above that some of the ladies requested a tutorial on.  Well here it is, enjoy!:

This curly fro was actually the result of a braid out.  I had braided my hair in small individual plaits prior to and had left them in for two weeks for protective styling.  When I finally took them out, I moisturized my fro using my sister’s “creamy crack” mixture of cantu shea butter, glycerin, and castor oil.    However that is how I was able to acheive it on my hair and  how I was able to get such well defined curls.   I was able to maintain my curly fro by braiding it into 6 sections before going to bed, making sure that each section is moisturized especially at the ends. Then the next morning, I’d take out each individual braid, spritz my hair with water, and pick out my fro using an afro pick to make the fro fuller. Ta daaaa! the end results were fabulous:

You can also try a wash & go though I cant promise the same defintion in curls or a regular braid out (using medium sized braids) and follow the same steps mentioned above!  I am not sure that your curls will be as well defined as mine were as all natural divas have differntly textured hair.  Hope this helps dolls!!!

All Hail Janelle Monae!

24 Jul

Ms. Janelle Monae,  May I start off by saying how much I admire your style, charisma, and your over all FIERCENESS…you goddess?!  Sorry you guys, I got caught up for a second there!  But for real though in all seriousness, not only is this woman rapidly taking over the neo soul and indie rock airwaves right now but she has also captured the attention of some of fashions most prestigious magazines like Vogue and Instyle.  I remember first seeing her in an Outkast video ( I dont remember the name of the song), the one with the fuschia colored dog and the carnival scenes.  I noticed right off the bat that she was natural doll and how well she carried it! I mean anyone can be natural but there are just some sistahs that do it RIGHT lol!  She is deeeefinately one of them. For those of you that are still kind of confused as to who she is, she’s the one with the infamous boufant doo who’s always rocking her black and white tuxedo styled gear, and has a hugh hit titled “Tightrope” that bursted through our speakers around late March of this year.



I personally dig the afro look better due to personal preference, However she pulls off the uniformed tailored look fantasically as well!  With her powerful and unique set of pipes along with her eccentric sense of style and beautiful kinky mane,  This doll is here to stay!

My Next Shoe Conquest

19 Jul

Hi dolls! I know it has been a while. The wedding is a little less than four weeks away and I still have loads to do! However, I did want to take this time to show you guys the new object of my shoe obsession. I present to you the Christian Louboutin Clou Noeud Spike Pumps!

These are gonna hurt my purse BADLY!

These babies run $1,195 and you can get them at Barney’s. My birthday is September 27th….if anybody out there has 1200 bucks to spare, here’s the site!,default,pd.html. Just kidding! I already started saving for them and am waiting for them to go down in price come December. Take a gander at these black ones!

I love the black ones and expect to have these shoes on my feet by Christmas. I will work 13 hour shifts and seduce my husband for these stunners…lol…Anyways, I also want to show you guys this purse that I have my heart set on. Check it out!

Jeff already bought the bag as a wedding gift and is hiding it in his closet!

I will be back soon with some exciting posts on my bridal shower, my pole dancing classes, an update on my book and last but certainly not least, THE WEDDING! Stay tuned and stay gorgeous! Until Next time, later dolls!