My super high afro puff

30 Jul

Good afternoon dolls, Right now my hair is anything but cute, thankfully I was able to take pictures of my afro puff  before I went to church on Monday.  What do you think?

I mean you can just see the moisture lol!  My hair was so soft and manageable due to my regular usage of the infamous “creaky crack.”  I dont know if you ladies are familiar with the drawstring afro puff but its the simplest, flyest (just made that up), and most secure afro puff that you’ll ever achieve no matter what your hair type.  You could use the bottom of an old shirt, an old shoe lace,or even a stocking.  Anything that you know is gonna have some stretch to it, so that when you tighten the puff its nice and secure.  You just tie your shoe lace (or whatever) around your head and slowly move the front piece back ( like your pushing back a headband).  Then while ur doing that, ur gonna move the piece where the lace is tied at the back of your head upward.  The closer you get to the top is the more you tighten, and the more you tighten is the higher your puff gets.  Finally, voila:

a super cute, super high afro puff.  I usually do this when I need something quick and fabulous!  I held down my edges with Organics olive oil edge control (creamy crack for your edges).


2 Responses to “My super high afro puff”

  1. Takeysha July 30, 2010 at 6:55 pm #

    Very cute :)…Ive never been able to get my puff right..when my hair is straight its about collarbone length so i should be able to rock a puff pony…OMG you done gave me soo many ideas to try this wknd..THANKS!!!

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