The Baddest Boots on the Planet!

30 Jul

Hey dolls! It’s been a week, I know :-). I have TWO WEEKS until the big day so I have been running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off. In fact, I have not washed my hair in like 3 weeks….sigh….I know, I know. I am working on it! I have no pictures to show you right now as my hair is so wickedly dirty, dry and ready to be cleaned that I am highly flammable right now. No worries, I have an appointment with my hair dresser tomorrow and will have some posts of my clean and flyness tomorrow…lol.  Nevertheless, I am here to share some more fab styles with you! The first pair of boots below were sent to us from a fellow doll named Takeysha (HEY GIRL!). Takeysha and I have an affinity for the fabulous and stupidly expensive…lol! Below are some bad ass crocodile boots made by Dior (whom I adore). They can be found at Neiman Marcus for 1,090 smackeroos! Check em out!

If you’re ballin’ and want to buy  these babies, hit up Neiman Marcus!

So, me being the short lil’ something I am, I need some height. So below are these sexy Fendi boots that are apart of the pre fall collection. These shoes scream “I’m feminine and sexy, but I will step on your throat if you f**k with me”….ok, maybe not for anybody else, but you get my drift, yes?

These boots are $1,350 on Net-A-Porter.

You can get the black ones at Neiman Marcus for the same price.

One Response to “The Baddest Boots on the Planet!”

  1. Takeysha August 2, 2010 at 11:44 pm #

    Heeey Girl!!!!…Thanks for posting my boot :)….and umm i mustve missed the other ones on the neiman site when i looked cause they hawt..**heading back to the site now to make another wishlist**

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