Showing Ya’ll My Goods

1 Aug

Ok, so mabye not…lol, but I hope that made you giggle at least :-). This weekend I did some sexy maintainance and got my hair washed, my nails done and my eyebrow threaded. Below are some pictures of the days exploits. Before I show you the picture of my nails, let me just warn you that they are green and SPARKLY! I did them that color for good luck for the next two weeks :-). Jeff hates them, but I think they’re cute in a tacky kind of way…lol.

lol...yea yea...I know

 I got my hair washed and blow dried. I didnt get it double pressed because it gets so straight when she round brushes it while she’s blow drying that I don’t need the extra heat to damage my hair. The thing I love about my hair dresser is that she uses alot of products to protect my hair as she’s blowdrying it. So, as soon as it gets washed, it reverts to it’s natrual,beautiful kinks and coils! I did a style that Sherica and I call the cinnabun. It’s a simple updo that consists of a high ponytail with twists all around the crown of your head. What do you think?

Check out my apple necklace!

Earrings from Bebe for $17

I got this necklace from A lady in singapore made it! It has red and green crystals on it. I only paid $20 for it, including shipping AND it's one of a kind because she made it herself!


2 Responses to “Showing Ya’ll My Goods”

  1. Imani August 2, 2010 at 1:02 pm #

    That necklace is gorg! Can you leave the url of the etsy store? I’d love to see what else she’s selling 🙂

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