Ri Ri does it again!

10 Aug

Good morning ladies (afternoon of evening)! I should be in bed right now since I’m actually writing this at 1:27 am, but I’ll get outta bed in the name of fashion lol!  But check this out!  The other day I was browsing through the People magazine style watch issue and stumbled upon a picture of Rihanna leaving  a mahiki night club in London, wearing a Dolce and Gabbana lightwash stretch denim shirt.  Now I’m not much for the denim look  unless its my jeans or a cute denim vest ( which are totally in this season) but this look was fiiiiiiierce lol!  I loved how she paired it with this nude bodycon skirt byA.L.C along with black pumps and gold accessories.

Uh, this outfit was to die for!!!!!  I did my research and found out where one could find the pieces to this fashion miracle, because I have to rock this look at some point in this lifetime lol! The blouse is a $304.00 Dolce and Gabbana piece but if your on a recession proof budget like the rest of us, you can also find one similar at Walmart from the Miley Cyrus collection or the Gap.  As for the skirt  and the leopard print clutch, the skirt is by ALC and valued at $393  and the clutch is by Dolce and Gabbana valued at $775. Im not quite sure yet as to where you can find a similar clutch, but I do know that you could find a similar skirt at topshop.com for $24.

Whooo this look is FYAAAAH!!!

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