Vintage Natural

11 Aug

So I was watching Live and Let Die one afternoon which was a 007 classic in 1973, and while watching I noticed this dark skinned, natural haired goddess with dark brown eyes and toned thighs flash across the screen.”  This is the true definiton of black is beautiful” I said to myself.

Her name is Gloria Hendry and she began her acting career in the 1968 Sidney Poitier film For the Love of Ivy.  However, she is perhaps best known for her role as Bond girl Rosie Carter in the 007 flick Live and Let Die.  In that film she became the first African- American woman to become romantically involved with 007.  I would say once you go black you never go back, but apparently in James Bond movies thats far from the truth, because before Halle Berry he would never be seen with a black actress romantically again lol.  She wasnt the first black Bond girl though, that titles belongs to Trina Parks who played Thumper in Diamonds are Forever.  Oh, and if you have’nt noticed her body is fiiiiiierce!  Notice how I said is instead of was, because I found a picture of this woman that dates back to 2008 and at 64 she’s still toned and gorgeous! In Live or Let die she played a mysterious, sexy and lethal sistahwho could throw a mean punch and demanded attention from the audience.  The fact that she just happened to be natural was a triple bonus!  She wore that fro better than how Beyonce could rock a lace front today!  This is truely beauty at its best.  we love and appreciate you Ms. Gloria Hendry!  You helped show us just how fabulous and beautiful being ourselves could be.


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