For the fierce…Minx Nails!!!!

23 Aug

So, as I was preparing for my big day, I was going back and forth with my friends about how I should do my nails. I knew that I didnt want the typical french manicure because, let’s face it, I am not the typical kind of bride. I settled on blue, but when I got them done, they were out there, really REALLY out there…even for me! So, it was back to the drawing board. Just before I was about to completely give up and just go with the french manicure, a music video popped up on the telly. There was lady gaga in all her odd but fabulous glory, rocking these metalic, mirror shined, nails. I was awestruck! ‘I must have those on my hands when I glide down the aisle to my gorgeous beau’, I thought. So I did some research. Theyre called minx nails. Theyre not new, but I had no interest in them until now. It’s not nail polish at all! Instead, foil appliques are applied to each finger nail and sealed in by a heat lamp. They don’t chip and last for about a week and a half to two weeks! There’s no damage to your nail and they are fabulous! I opted for the gold ones, but they come in many colors and designs. If you live in Tampa Florida, the place to go is Becky Box in Ybor City. They only charge 35 bucks for a full set. Everywhere else is $90 starting. If your pockets arent that deep, you can also get these gorgeous tips from sephora! Links for Becky Box and Sephora are below :-).

guys! He put a ring on it! How bout that!?!?

Here are the websites:


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