Photo of the Day:

23 Aug

Hey Dolls! You ladies remember sassy Jade Cole from Americas Top Model cycle 6 right?  Well come to find out homegirl is still doing her thing!  A lot of viewers could have done without her  “conceded for a reason” attitude.  But she sure was the model we loved to hate and hated to love!  During the run of cycle 6 I recall her  showcasing the hottest  runway walk and taking some of the best photos  that cycle had ever seen just like the one seen above!  She was… or excuse me is fierce with a capital F.  So I was excited to hear that she’s pretty much still in it to win it!  After leaving the show Jade started her own production company that goes by the name Biracial Butterfly Productions ( Jade was born to a White American mother and an African-American father).  According to, Jade’s Biracial Butterfly Productions have joined forces with the Reserve Entertainment Group and this new relationship will work to develop and showcase her wide range of talents to take now Hollywood and the fashion industry by storm.  I cant wait to see what the future hold for ms. Jade!


One Response to “Photo of the Day:”

  1. Kermina August 24, 2010 at 2:48 am #

    It’s great to see she’s still going strong but with her attitude we knew she would be going places, just due to the fact that if she wants it she is gonna make it happen.

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