Trend Alert: Skinny Cargo Pants

23 Aug

CALLING ALL DIVAS, PLEASE REPORT TO THE DOLLHOUSE IMMEDIATELY!  This just in…skinny cargo pants have taken over the world.  Or at least the fashion world that is.  Hope I didn’t alarm anyone for real with the alarming message and all lol :D.  But on a serious note, I have been seeing this trend everywhere in Hollywood right now and I gotta say… I am definitely feeling it!

This look is so hot.  It came in  this year with the military jackets, boots, camouflage and all things sexy and military!  I for one am glad that they made a skinny pants version of the look because the original parachute version was not really cutting it for me or my 5’1 petite frame.  Most of the celebs are rocking J Brand Cargos that are priced at over $200. Giiiiirl, I found mine at Target for $15.99 okaay?!  This trend is so me because as you all know, Sherica loves to rock the casual chic look.  There is more than one way that you could wear this look. You could choose from some of the options shown above for a real edgy or laid back look.  Or you could put your own personal twist on it!  Here is one of ways that I wear mine (by the way I got my wedges from Charlotte Russe)!  Enjoy and untill next time my pretties lol!

This is what I ment by you own personal twist. I love vintage and graphic tees! This is a perfect example of me mixing something so fun and casual with something hot and trendy!

This shot wouldnt have been so embarrasing if I actually had some booty to display. But I wanted you to get a good look at the back of the pants as well as the front. The things I do for you ladies lol.

Last but not least I top off majority of my looks with a pair of big hoop earrings. One of my favorite accessories. I also got the shirt at Target.


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