I love Teyana Taylor’s hair!!!!

24 Aug

Hey dolls, incase y’all didnt peep her on My Super Sweet Sixteen in 2007, this is Teyana Taylor! 


She has the fullest, dopest (just made that up myself) natural hair that I have ever seen!  This 18 yrs young American socialite (who shares the same sign as me) was born December 10, 1991 in Harlem, New York.  She’s a model, choreographer and dancer who is currently signed to Star Trek Entertainment and is most notable for her debut single “Google Me.”  I love her sense of style! She has this whole tomboy, B- girl thing going on that is so hip hop and equally fresh! Now I know that we have totally different hair textures and all but….I WANNA HAVE THIS FULLNESS IN MY HAIR SO BAD!  There I said it lol.  Now that I got that out, here are a couple more pics of this fashionista’s distinct coils! 

Here she is ripping the runway at a Diesel fashion show in 2009.


*long sigh* well I can dream cant I lol?!

4 Responses to “I love Teyana Taylor’s hair!!!!”

  1. Niki August 26, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

    Alas, from what I understand it is weave; on the upside, that means we can all have that hair:)

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