The new Mrs.Oliveira gets busy on redecorating!

27 Aug

So, I love my husband. He has great taste in clothes and always looks very sharp. He has an eye for the finer things and appreciates beauty…hell, he married me! 🙂 However, my husband’s taste in housewares and decorating a home SUCKS. When I moved in with him, everything was brown, beige, and manly. Horrible! I silently vowed (at first) and then warned him that as soon as we got married, the house was going to get a face lift. He agreed, but concerned with how much money I was going to blow on the whole project, had one condition that I had to abide by: only one room at a time could be redecorated. That way he could monitor how much was being spent on each room. Obviously, I agreed and got to work on the hallway that leads from the front door to the living and dining room. If you guys look at the old pictures when we first started the blog, you will notice that it looks like a mental institution behind me (with the beige walls and minimal decor). I have since painted the hallway a silver/platinum grey and purchased two floating picture frames for our engagement pictures. We also bought a sofa table from Ikea that sits up against the wall with two lamps and a portrait of us. The last addition was a cool mirror that we got from Target for 30 bucks! The entire walkway cost us about $350, including the paint. I think it looks very good and Jeff really likes it too. He says it’s not too girly…phew! That’s a relief! Until later, stay gorgeous dolls! Oh btw, I still have more wedding pictures to post, but I am working on a slide show with music and waiting for the professional photos to come in. Stay tuned and thanks so much for stopping by!

I got this for Jeff on a trip last year :-). It's over our front door....

These are our engagement pictures. I got the frames from Target for like, $15 each....

This is the setup...

Close up of the table, lamps and picture. I bought the lamps from Ikea before I met Jeff. They were in my apartment, actually and cost 25 bucks each. The table was like $250. The picture was a gift from Jeff's classmates.

The mirror is from Target too!


2 Responses to “The new Mrs.Oliveira gets busy on redecorating!”

  1. junie August 28, 2010 at 4:06 pm #

    I agree witth Jeff with the one room decoration at a time. The first product looks great. I love the picture between the two lamps/lights.

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