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Beyonce Does the “Wobble” at Block Party

30 Sep

Beyonce was “feelin it” at a block party in West Orange, New Jersey while visiting Jay-Z’s mom.  That woman was gettin’ down in her pumps!  Just the way we Dolls like it ;-)!


After the Rain, Comes the Sunshine

30 Sep

  After the hell my hair went through yesterday, atleast there was some sort of breakthrough.  I learned how to do a new doo!  I was ofcourse doing my regular “hair hunt ” for naturals on the internet and came across Ms Vaughn’s channel on Youtube.  Not only does the woman have a fierce eye when it comes to fashion.  But she’s a natural hair goddess as well.  She did a classic updo that kind of reminded me of Janelle Monae (whom I totally love), so I figured I’d try it myself!!!!!  Much to my surpirse I was actually successful1  I cant braid my hair upwards from the back like she did (not yet atleast)  but nonetheless the look is still what I was going for!  Here’s the link to her video:

and here are my results:

Long Live the Kinky Twists

30 Sep

Hey Dolls!!!  I should be feeling defeated right now but in all honesty…I dont.  Remember how I said I was gonna wait until Oct to take my kinky twist out?  Well I had a  change of heart on that one.  Turns out I had way too much grease and dirt build up around my roots to wait for Oct. to come.  It was absolutely horrific!!!!  On top of all of that, MY HAIR STARTED TO LOC!  I had to go through each individual partition and comb  them out, one by one.  The build up was so bad, that after 2 washes with Dr. Bonners castille soap, my hair was still left feeling sticky and filled with gunk!  Thank God for the little bit of hair knowledge that I do have.  Because of it I knew to take refuge in my Apple CiderVinegar rinse to cleanse my scalp from all that ickiness lol!  Boy did it help! After applying the vinegar to my hair, I covered it with a shower cap and let it soak in for 5 mins instead of the regular 3. 

My hair after the vinegar rinse. I was waaaay to embarrassed to display the before pictures lol. Trust was baaad!

   After I rinsed (using cold water) I conditioned my hair with Herbal Essense: Drama Clean  and afterwards deep conditioned with Giovanni’s Deep Moisture conditioner.  I left the deep conditioner in my hair for about 6 hrs (I ment business).  I had things to do though, so I covered my hair with 2 shower caps, one beanie and paired it with gold hoop earrings to make the look presentable.

When I got back home, I rinsed my hair out and sprayed Giovanni’s leave in conditioner on my scalp and hair and ran my fingers through it for even distibution.  Overall my hair didnt exactly get worse, but it didnt get better either.  By the time I finished coming out all the gunk that locked around my hair, I ended up losing more than a couple of strands anyway. *sigh*  My hair will get back to its natural luxurious state someday.  I’LL NEVER GIVE UP HOPE lol!!!!  What have we learned today children?  Maybe oiling your scalp every day while not keeping up with bi weekly hair washing during protective styling is just as bad as people say it is!

Check out how I keep “sweat frizzies” at bay!

29 Sep

My hair looks so...HEALTHY! 🙂

Dolls! OMG!!! Florida is so friggin hot! WTF?!?!?!? I currently have my hair blow dried, but since my first henna stint, it’s so thick, it’s riDONculous! 🙂 Because the weather is so ugh right now, having swoopee bangs or anything on my forehead causes sweat….and FRIZZ! I have opted for a braided ponytail to go with my loud ass yellow shoes and jacketed dress getup for work! I was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw in the first Sex and the City movie. She wore a very similar color pallet! Very unexpected, but still really cool.

Check out that gloss!

Y'all my hair has gotten so thick, that banana clip popped open 5 times as I was taking this shot! Yes that is a banana clip...DON'T JUDGE ME! lol

Earrings were from Macy's. My hubby gave them to me for my birthday!

remember my yellow shoes from Rack Room? Check out those angry blue toes! *in booming voice* BLUUUUEEE! lol

That dress was dirt cheap...$4 bucks! I jazzed it up with my pearl necklace that I turned into a cuff and a nuetral toned jacket! Voila!

Staying naturally sexy in your fabulous forties and fifties :-)

29 Sep

picture borrowed from I realize she's not in her 40's and 50's but that hair is so....fab! The outfit is very retro too!

Hi dolls! So, yesterday I was talking to my mom about maintaining and loving your natural hair after your 20s and 30s. My made some valid points when she said that she feels limited to what she can do with her natural hair as certain styles don’t seem appropriate for her age range. She wants to look mature and elegant, not messy and ridiculous. She’s been rocking wigs 😦 out of…frustration, I think. She sounds like she would love to wear her natural hair, but just doesn’t know what to do with it! Me, being the awesome daughter I am, immediately went to work! I figured it would be an awesome opportunity to maybe even relate to some of our more (ahem) mature readers….yeah? lol. I’ve been following a fabulous lady on by the name of suburban bush babe! She’s awesome! Check her out!!! She has her own blog at I think the thing about natural hair is that you have to rock it KNOWING that you are going to stand out. Kinda like wearing a fabulous red dress to an event that has most guests wearing neutrals. Having natural curls kinda gives you the opportunity to be unapologetically unique. Anyways dolls, check her out and be inspired! Yay! See you gorgeous gals later!

Funniest Video in the World !

28 Sep

Anyone who has already seen this video already knows what they’re in for l0l.  ” Roaches are sneaky, even when they’re dead they’re sneaky” lmao!  Funniest man EVER!!!


28 Sep

As you all know, yesterday was my big sister’s birthday.  So she decided to celebrate it in a way that only a true fashionista really could…with family, pedicures, cupcakes and fashion!  I finally got to see her in her Nicki Minaj’s aka:  the Tsumori Chisato joints I did a post on a while back.  Let me just say, that they look even better in a person.  I mean if your really into shoes these babies will have you near tears lol.  Even if your not a shoe person, they’ll probably still have you weak in the knees!

This was my gift to her.... she LOVES AUDREY HEPBURN!!!!!!

Just noticed somethin about this pic....we have a really green lawn lol!

MOMMY lol!

………..Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we had lunch aka: birthday grubbin lol!  Oh to be Jamaican and to enjoy some of the best dishes in like… the world lol!  Lets do a quick run down shall we?!

curry goat rice and peas

....and my favorite, OXTAIL!!!!! Thank you Golden Krust lol!!!!!