Cute Summer to Fall Shoes for 2010

3 Sep

Hey dolls! I was thinking, since we’re going to be entering into a whole new season of fashion why not share  what’s in for fall 2010?!  What are we gonna be covering first you ask?  SHOES of course lol!!! I for one love fall fashion.  Not just for the shoes, but also for the scarves, darker tones, boots, trench coats.  * Sigh* I’m in heaven!!!Lets just  start with the shoes shall we?!

Found this on and thought "this sure would play up the earthy tones a bit!"I also like the cut outs on top of the foot. Very sexy! 

This is the link for these Michael Antonio sandals.

These lace up sandals are from the Carlos Santana collection.

I love wedges. Not only are they easy to walk in but they're also very casual and chic! You know thats my favorite look!

These Steve Madden zipper wedges are "fresh!"


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