Moisturizing Your Natural Tresses

3 Sep

The #1 way to beautiful, healthy, long hair is actually simpler than you think!  Moisture!  Your natural hair craves it.  Without it, our hair is left brittle, thirsty, and without luster and shine.  Routinely moisturizing your hair will lead to more elasticity in the hair shaft.  The elasticity in your hair is what causes it to stretch in length or otherwise grow. Keeping your scalp hydrated as well as the strands is also necessary.   Start from the root of things and of course keep your ends trimmed!  Here are some great natural moisturizers and oils for black hair.

Vitamin E oil:  is an all natural vegetable- derived preservative  that is easily absorbed by the hair and is highly regarded for its moisterizing benefits.

Jojoba Oil:  This emollient helps to restore shine and manageability, without causing product build -up ( which we all hate) or leaving a sticky residue.  Coconut and sweet almond oils are also great, all-natural moisterizing agents! Castor oil works great for shine!

Glycerin:  One of my favorites next to shea butter.  Glycerin is a natural humectant and conditioning agent that helps your hair attract and retain moisture ( great for summer’s dry and humid weather).This ingredient is mostly used in shampoos and conditioners to increase their moisterizing properties.

Wheat Protein:  This natural protein derived from whole wheat helps to improve body and impart shine to dry, distressed hair.

Shea Butter:  Last but not least, shea butter.  Shea butter is a natural fat extract from the fruit of the Karite tree in Western Africa.  Because of its conditioning properties it is frequently used in hair dressings and pomades in order to restore moisture to dry brittle hair, prevent breakage and split ends, and promote healthy hair growth.  I use Cantu Shea butter in my hair and it keeps my curls so soft.

*Keep in my mind that fall is approaching and with it comes colder weather,  so you may want to start to O.D. on the moisture factor now if you havent already.  Your gonna need to condition more often, moisture more often, and start wearing your protective styles.  Your new regimen is also going to need deep conditioners, a sulfate free shampoo, light oils ( Jojoba, olive, or coconut oil) and shea butter!  I know it sounds like I’m preparing you for battle, but in a way I kind of am lol.  I hope this helps ladies!!!!!


2 Responses to “Moisturizing Your Natural Tresses”

  1. PrissyKryssi September 4, 2010 at 2:26 am #

    Hey Dolls,

    You girls are right on the money. I use everything on this list, and more and I get compliments on how healthy my hair looks all the time, even when I’m having a bad hair day ;).

    I like that you added Wheat protein to your list. I swear this makes my hair grow. I make my own hair care products(b/cuz I’m on that all-natural kick at the moment) and I swear wheat-germ oil has worked wonders for my nape and temple.

    I see some of other my faves never made it on to this list, like…

    Rosemary oil- which also promotes hair growth. It’s great for adding to your spritzer (you know, glycerin, water and your favorite oils…)

    Honey- another natural humectant that I think is the BEST deep conditioner EVER!

  2. shatterproofglassdolls September 4, 2010 at 4:30 am #

    Thanks for the advice. I’ve never actually used Rosemary oil but it sounds delish lol! I’m definately gonna have to try that out one day!


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