Share Your Plans for Winter Hair Care!

9 Sep


Good morning dolls!  I know that it probably seems a bit early to be talking about winter hair regimens.  However cautious naturals are already considering what to do with their coils because they know that cold weather does not like our hair.  I myself have been planning to flatiron my hair for a length check and soonafter put my hair into a cute braided updo for protective styling.  Whatever your hair type or regimen, make sure that this winter protective styling is a must!  It’ll help prevent breakage caused by the temperature shifts from cold to warm ( heaters and warm buildings are inevitable during winter).  Best bet is to have your hair up, or safely tucked away all together!   Also dont forget to moisterize, moisterize, moisterize.  This too will keep us from dry, brittle strands in harsh weather conditions.  However  I’m still researching for some effective winter hair regimens.  So with that said,  do you dolls think you could help sistah  out?  Whether you have locs or curls. Please share with us what your hair regimen is gonna be for winter 2010!!!


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