Giovanni Organic Hair Care Review Coming Soon!

10 Sep


   So recently ( give or take a month or two) I’ve been very interested in Giovanni Organic Hair Care Line.  I’m not sure if it sounds familiar to any of you guys.  You can find it at your local Walmart for $7.57.  Well at least the conditioner and leave in treatment is, I’m not sure about the rest of the line.  My curiosity stemmed from a visit with one clients of which I shampoo and conditioned her hair.  Even though we have totally different hair types(she’s caucasian)  I still took notice of how creamy and thick the conditioner was and how soft her hair was there after.  Something just told me that it just might be able to do the same thing for me!  Or at least I hope so.  I’m specifically interested in the deep conditioner as well as the leave-in.  However I wont be trying either of them until I take out my kinky twists next month.  Until then has anyone used any of these products, and if so what were YOUR results?!


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