Back to Life, Back to Reality!!!

21 Sep

Three shots of Tequila and a mariachi band later… I am finally back on the shores of the U.S!!!!  I got tons of sleep and probably gained some weight too….nevermind, I just weighed myself and Im still the same,I just feel heavier. Anyw,ays, I’ve rocked some pretty fly looks while I was gone so tell me what you think!  Btw, I have less then a month before I take out my kinky twist and don my fro once more :)!

My last night on the ship, I was on my way to dinner.

The day we arrived. Rocking my boyfriend jeans.

Key West was hot......

...but Mexico was hotter lol!

This was the "elegant evening" on the ship. This is the look with the cardigan on....

...This is the look without it. Sorry about the messy room....we actually had one of the cleanest rooms on that ship lol!


2 Responses to “Back to Life, Back to Reality!!!”

  1. Kermina September 21, 2010 at 3:52 am #

    Love all of the looks!!

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