28 Sep

As you all know, yesterday was my big sister’s birthday.  So she decided to celebrate it in a way that only a true fashionista really could…with family, pedicures, cupcakes and fashion!  I finally got to see her in her Nicki Minaj’s aka:  the Tsumori Chisato joints I did a post on a while back.  Let me just say, that they look even better in a person.  I mean if your really into shoes these babies will have you near tears lol.  Even if your not a shoe person, they’ll probably still have you weak in the knees!

This was my gift to her.... she LOVES AUDREY HEPBURN!!!!!!

Just noticed somethin about this pic....we have a really green lawn lol!

MOMMY lol!

………..Oh yeah I forgot to mention, we had lunch aka: birthday grubbin lol!  Oh to be Jamaican and to enjoy some of the best dishes in like… the world lol!  Lets do a quick run down shall we?!

curry goat rice and peas

....and my favorite, OXTAIL!!!!! Thank you Golden Krust lol!!!!!


2 Responses to “BIRTHDAY STUNTIN’”

  1. corie September 28, 2010 at 10:29 pm #

    I love the shoes you both are wearing! Happy Belated Birthday to ya!

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