Staying naturally sexy in your fabulous forties and fifties :-)

29 Sep

picture borrowed from I realize she's not in her 40's and 50's but that hair is so....fab! The outfit is very retro too!

Hi dolls! So, yesterday I was talking to my mom about maintaining and loving your natural hair after your 20s and 30s. My made some valid points when she said that she feels limited to what she can do with her natural hair as certain styles don’t seem appropriate for her age range. She wants to look mature and elegant, not messy and ridiculous. She’s been rocking wigs 😦 out of…frustration, I think. She sounds like she would love to wear her natural hair, but just doesn’t know what to do with it! Me, being the awesome daughter I am, immediately went to work! I figured it would be an awesome opportunity to maybe even relate to some of our more (ahem) mature readers….yeah? lol. I’ve been following a fabulous lady on by the name of suburban bush babe! She’s awesome! Check her out!!! She has her own blog at I think the thing about natural hair is that you have to rock it KNOWING that you are going to stand out. Kinda like wearing a fabulous red dress to an event that has most guests wearing neutrals. Having natural curls kinda gives you the opportunity to be unapologetically unique. Anyways dolls, check her out and be inspired! Yay! See you gorgeous gals later!


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