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My wedding day :-)

31 Oct

So, I finally got around to making this video of Jeff and my wedding pictures. Going through them, I gotta say, it was a beautiful day. I married the best dude in the entire world :-). So without further ado, here’s our wedding day, from beginning to end. Some are taken by family and friends and some are taken by the photographer. Enjoy!


How to take boudoir pictures for your beloved (ahh yeah ;-))

31 Oct

Boudoir is defined by as a woman’s private sitting room, dressing room, or bedroom. All three of those locations seem a bit…ahem…forbidden for a gentleman to enter, no? WELL, to get your man’s blood boiling, why not take some sexy shots in your boudoir? Boudoir portraits make wonderful anniversary, valentines or wedding day gifts for your “lova”. I actually took a few boudoir pictures for Jeff and had them put in a beautiful coffee book. Page after page of my gorgeous self for him to oogle for years to come…what could be a better wedding gift? If you think boudoir pictures are for waif thin Victoria’s Secret models and Playboy bunnies, think again. Boudoir pictures are an awesome and classy way to capture your beauty in a sensual and seductive way! I will spare you the really steamy shots, but here are a few photos from my sexy photo shoot, shot by my bestie Shalonda Hill of Shalonda Hill Photography!

This is one of my favorites...and Jeff's too 🙂

Sigh...I love airbrushing!

So, as you can see, boudoir photos can be sexy and still leave a little to the imagination. A purse of the lips, I little twinkle in your eyes is all the sex a picture may need! If this is something you are considering as a gift for your man (or woman, we don’t judge ’round these parts ;-)), here’s a few pointers that I found very helpful for my shoot!

1. Research photographers and choose one that you’re very comfortable with. I chose my best friend Shalonda because  we’ve been through a lot together, she’s got the same stuff I do and hell, who am I kidding, she’s seen me naked before! I was her guinea pig when we were in college and she was doing her photography coursework…just in case you’re curious. lol! I’m mentioning this to make a point. The person who is taking these pictures is the person that is capturing a side of you that only your love sees. You want to be sure that you are comfortable enough with this person to let it all hang out and be your sexy, beautiful self!

2. Bring articles of clothing that make you feel sexy. The whole idea is immortalizing your sexy in a photograph. Find things in your wardrobe that bring out the sex kitten in you. Still drawing a blank? Think stilettos, a pearl necklace and a smile. If you’re a bit more modest, maybe a men’s button down dress shirt and some boy shorts are more your taste! Whatever your style, get your sexy self in front of that camera and WORK IT!

3. Have a little “courage”. Pop champagne and loosen up. The bubble will not only tickle your nose, but they’ll probably make you a little braver!

4. Communicate to your photographer what you (and/or your lover) find sexy about your body. Okay, let’s be real. Not many of us out there are built like those skinny heffas on the covers of Maxim and Cosmopolitan. However, chances are you still know how to get your man’s flag pole at full mast just the same! Keep that in mind when you’re taking these photos. What’s your lover drawn to on you? Do they like your pouty lips? Do you have an insanely gorgeous backside? Perky boobs? Bedroom eyes? I am sure there is something about you that rocks his or her world. Accentuate those assets and let the photographer know so that he or she can get those good looking parts of yours angled right and lit properly! Yay! 🙂

So, there you have it, just a few pointers for you sexy dolls out there! I hope you decide to give this gift idea a shot! You’re beloved will thank you over and over again ;-). Till next time, stay gorgeous dolls!

Photo of the Day

31 Oct

Perfect for Halloween, dont you agree?!

Having a little shoe lust over here…

31 Oct

I love shoes :-). Check out what I’ve found! If you see something that tickles your fancy, click and purchase! Or, you can just lust along with me and leave a comment or two :-).

These babies can be found at for $258.

For $206, you can strut around town in these hotties!

These are so “New York” to me! They’re on sale at for $89.65!

These shoes do something to me…in a very very good way ;-). I’m currently thinking of ways to save up the $145.54 to get my hot little hands on these….

Vintage Natural

30 Oct

Chaka Khan 🙂

Who knew safety pins could be so chic?

30 Oct

Hi dolls! So, I have been searching, hunting even for some ways to spruce up my already established wardrobe. I came across some pictures of outfits adorned with safety and immediately became drawn by the unexpected beauty and detail they added to the simplest of articles! Check out what I found, click on the links below and let me know what ya think! I am gonna try one of these out and post my results. I’m a crappy DIY type, but I am gonna give it a shot. Hell, worse case scenario, I’ll just order fabulous pieces online from Etsy!

Very rock star looking!

It's hard to beleive these are safety pins. It's also hard to beleive it's hand made and selling for only 20 bucks!

I thought this was absolutely stunning! The maker of this peice is a college student! Talk about patience!

Eye Candy: Channing Tatum

30 Oct

What would you do if your neighbor looked like THIS dude? I'd borrow sugar EVERY DAY! 🙂