1 Oct

say it with me: OOOOOOOH! 🙂


So, a couple of mornings ago whilst sucking down green tea, I was looking for hairstyles to try and found this cute updo on curlynikki.com, (I love you Nikki, will you be my friend?) and thought, I should try that! Elizabeth was pretty girl who did the style featured on the site and it seemed really easy! I gave it a shot (with larger twists of course…lol) and this is how it came out! 

Are y'all seeing that glossy shine? Like *ting*! It's that natural creamy crack...lol


I think the back looks elegant


But I especially love the sides...My clip was from walmart for like...7 bucks!


I think it came out very well! I even got a nice complement from a lovely lady at the Children’s Board here in Tampa! Here’s the link to the blog article that I borrowed the style from! http://www.curlynikki.com/2010/07/elizabeths-twisted-updo-by-popular.html Enjoy and I’ll see you later! Until then, stay gorgeous dolls!


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