Our Doll on Display for the Month of October: Angela Mickens

1 Oct

There’s something very sexy about a woman who’s not going to appologize for being fabulous….that’s Angela! Angela’s big, gorgeous hair is as large as her life, personality and smile. Angela carries herself with the kind of confidence and attitude that will inspire any doll who loves herself. Read on! Oh, and btw, this doll’s purse collection is INSANE! You better work it Mrs.Mickens!

1. Where do you live and what do you do?
I live in and represent my hometown of beautiful Tampa, Florida! Other than being a full time Queen, ;), I am a drug and alcohol prevention counselor in four different public schools. 

2. What were your family’s reaction to you going natural?
My family was very supportive of me going natural. Due to being biracial my texture and type of hair is quite different from my mother’s, so although she encouraged me to go natural she was unable to aid me in my transition, as she never had the personal experience of my grade of hair. I can’t think of any negative comments or reactions from my family members, thank God!
3. What is one hair product that you cannot do without?
Hmm…that’s a good question. I’m not really partial to any products in particular. I have been natural for about twelve years now and I swear I’ve used EVERY product for curly hair during that time period! LOL! If I had to name one…probably Blue Magic hair grease. The coconut scented one! My scalp gets extremely dry and this works wonders on my scalp!
4. Do you have any hair wisdom you’d like to share with other natural beauties?
Well, the most important thing is this: Natural does not mean lazy! I never worked so hard on my relaxed hair as I do my natural hair. It is a lot to manage, but it is worth it. Keep up with the care of your hair. Even though it is natural, if you don’t properly maintain it, it will damage and break. Represent us well! Do your damn hair! Lol! I also want to say, the choice that you made to be natural is just that; YOUR choice. I don’t feel that because I am natural that anyone else should be. This was a personal decision that I made and I don’t try to impose my ideas or thoughts on anyone else. Next time you’re ready to chastise someone for not “keeping it real” think about this: Is everything you do totally “natural”? Let that marinate

5. What is your original hair regimen?
I try to keep things as simple as possible. I wash my hair while in the shower with any basic shampoo such as Suave, Pantene, V05, etc. After I rinse out the shampoo I apply a generous amount of conditioner. Right now I’m using Suave Aloe and Water Lily. I comb through my hair at this point; to get all the tangles out. After that I rinse about 1/3 of the conditioner out, wrap my hair in a towel and get out of the shower. Next, I take my hair down and apply the Blue Magic Coconut grease to my scalp. Lastly, I apply a small amount of gel to my hair and brush it through with a Denman brush. Don’t use too much or your hair will be crispy and crunchy! I’ve been using the yellow L.A. Looks gel here lately, but I’ve also used gels by Suave, Aussie, etc. Pretty much anything will work as long as it has a good amount of hold and control to it. I usually diffuse my hair afterwards and I’m done! My curls are always soft, supple and bouncy. It sounds like a lot, but the entire process only takes about 40-45minutes. That includes my shower!  
6. What made you decide to go natural?
I went natural after I began to notice significant hair loss over a period of a few months due to the relaxers I used to get. After that I was like ok, no! Lol! The transition period was nothing nice, but my hair grows EXTREMELY fast, so I had a head full of mid back length beautiful curls in about 9 months.
7. Who do you look up to for hair inspiration if anyone?
You know, when I went natural there was no YouTube, Miss Jessies, Mixed Chicks, DevaChan, etc. I had to experiment on myself and learn what worked for me through trial and error. A LOT of trial and error! Lol! I admire others that are natural, but I am my own inspiration. Thank you and goodnight! 😉 

PS: If anyone wishes to contact me I can be found on YouTube. Type in the search bar my username, which is TheMrsMickens. I have videos on natural hair that I’ve shared on the site! Check me out! 

Here’s the link to Angela’s Blog y’all! http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=themrsmickens&aq=f

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