No Friends for Split Ends!

2 Oct

This is a photo of an actual split end...not very sexy huh? I didn't think so lol. As often as I trim my hair now, I was slacking not to long ago. So I'm pretty sure my head is full of these *sigh*.

  We’ve all heard how trimming your ends every 4-6 or 8 weeks is healthy for your hair!  But how many of  us truthfully keep up with this routine?  I know I haven’t until earlier this year.  I have what some like to call a “scissor phobia.”  This means that I once use to fear the dreaded scissor and I’d cringe just at the sight of one. Scissors were my kryptonite!  BUT NO MORE I SAY * booming musketeer voice* I will trim my hair regularly from now!!!!  I still don’t go to the salon to get my hair trimmed though, because some stylists don’t know the difference between trim and cut!!!  My mommy still trims my hair lol.  When she trims it I immediately notice a difference. Its more even and healthier looking, and my afro puffs appear more rounded and soft.  I love my mom!  Anyways, this is just a friendly reminder to all our natural divas out there…..TRIM YOUR HAIR!  If this sounds like a public service announcement then thats because it kind of is lol.  Its our main source if we want to promote healthier,  more beautiful, growing hair.


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