Oh! The endless possibilities of natural hair!

3 Oct

Hmmm....what should I do with my hair?

So, Last night while watching football with Mr.Oliveira (not really by choice), I decided to do something more constructive with my time; watch La Femme Nikita (the originals) while twisting my hair! Here’s my steps and finished product! Enjoy dolls!

I parted my hair in two sections, and then started on on the right/bottom side

These are the products I used! The kinky curly for hold (when I take them out), the shea butter for moisture and the qp mango stuff the grease my scalp and seal my ends

I want to do another blog entry on the kinky curly used independently. I’ll save that for next time! It seems to do well on my hair……

Three twists....

I did three twists until it was finished!

That kinkycurly,shea butter, and mango butter combo really worked wonders on my hair!

I put a braid at the top to keep my hair out of my face 🙂

I even did a length check! I think I'm armpit length. I'll be at bra strap length hopefully by next summer!

Well, there you have it dolls! My fancy twistee hair!  I can’t wait to see how my twist out looks with the products I used! I will be posting that later! Thanks for visiting and have a happy and blessed Sunday! Stay gorgeous, dolls!


4 Responses to “Oh! The endless possibilities of natural hair!”

  1. ck October 4, 2010 at 4:44 pm #

    wooow i cant wait till my hair reaches your lenght. when did you do your big chop???

  2. shatterproofglassdolls October 4, 2010 at 8:57 pm #

    Yay! Thanks CK! I dunno if you’d consider my haircut a big chop, I wanted to look like Rhihanna….lol…that was it. sigh. I realized after the fact what an assinine thing I did. I cut it for vanity, not for health of my hair. Anways, I cut it way short two years ago. July will be three years. My goal is to get to bra strap or grazing bra strap by next summer…I hope I can accomplish that goal while keeping my hair thick and healthy! Thanks for visisting and staaaaay tuuuuuned 😉

  3. Kia October 11, 2010 at 2:44 pm #

    2 things.

    1) I love the original La Femme Nikita (w/ Peta Wilson). I think it set the tone for shows like Alias.

    2) I love your blog and all the hair suggestions, but I feel like I don’t know my hair well enough to start experimenting. I cut it back in March (enough to where I could barely rock a ponytail). Loved the short, but I want to go really short. Like Ellen Degeneres short. But my worry is my confused hair will not look like that. It will be a thin, frizzy, hot mess 😦

    • shatterproofglassdolls October 11, 2010 at 4:09 pm #

      Hi Kia! So glad you came back! I bet you’d look FAB with a short cut…like an androgynous pixie! That’s what Helen’s hair reminds me of! Then, you could rock it curly or straight if you wanted…Hey, have you figured out how you’re gonna do your hair for the wedding? I’m so excited for you and can’t wait to see pics. I’m mad at myself for not sending you my address in enough time :-(. But so happy for YOU! Yay!

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