Check Out My Braided-Twisted Updo

5 Oct

  Sorry about the blurriness of the first picture, my digital tends to do that sometimes.  So I was being a little experimental with protective styling and keeping  my hair off my neck in a cool, chic way! So I said, why not put a “twist” on the common mohawk, and soften the usual hardcore doo by adding pincurls?  These were the end results displayed above.  As you can see I still have some work to do in the “thickness restoring” department.  But I’ll get there.  I decided that in order to achieve this goal, I’d have to go back to my old  regimen which includes Doo Gro (for the scalp), olive oil hair lotion, and shampooing and deep conditioning my hair once every two weeks.  I know about all the negative things that natural hair authors and bloggers have said about the ingredients in the first two products I mentioned.  But my hair is use to it, and it has helped keep my hair in tip-top condition in the past.  I NEVER had a thinning problem with my hair until I began trying so many different products and regimens all at once. My hair got confused, didn’t know what to do with itself, and almost immediately started to break off.  So from now on its back to the norm for me!  Natural hair is incredibly sensitive and EVERYONE’S is different, and throughout this whole process of finding new ways to care for my natural hair, I’ve learned one veeery important lesson.  MY HAIR LOVES PETROLEUM!!!!  Yeah I said it… and its about time too.  I know some of you are at home right now on your computers with your mouths dropped open, while others are screaming out “BLASPHEMEY” at their computer screens lol.  But its true! As harmful as they say  this substance is for natural hair, mine has been eating it up and growing healthy and strong for the past 20+ years!  I will be continuing to use Dr. Bonners castile soap along with Giovanni’s organic deep conditioner and leave in treatment as my hair seems to leave all three of these products.  I also still swear by my sister’s creamy crack, but don’t intend on using it while the temperatures begin to drop.  It may do a reverse on my hair and dry it out instead of keeping it moisturized since there’s less humidity in the air towards the end of fall and the beginning of winter.  I that some of you found this post helpful.  If you too are going through an experimental phase, do know that you can find out some cool, and educational things about caring for your natural hair!  You’ll most likely  have a “curly ephiphany” like I did and find out exactly what your hair likes or dislikes in the midst of trying out new things!  Just remember though, if your hair is beginning to show a negative response during your hair care journey, slow down and minimize your product usage one by one so you can better determine which one is leaving your hair with a negative response.  Have a great and productive day my  lil N.D.’s aka:lil natural divas!!!


One Response to “Check Out My Braided-Twisted Updo”

  1. shatterproofglassdolls October 5, 2010 at 5:32 pm #

    MY HAIR LOVES PETROLEUM TOO!Been using DooGro to grease my scalp for years! Tried to nix it for 2 months and use lighter stuff like olive oil, tea tree oil and stuff like that. My hair was NOT pleased. Everybody’s hair is different. DooGro thikens and lengthens my hair like nobody’s buisiness.

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