Fashion for Less!

10 Oct

Hello there dolls! Boy, do I have a treat for YOU GUYS! I have been eye oodling these cute Military Booties from Bergdorf Goodman by my fave shoe designer Christian Louboutin. Peep these:

Alas, they are 1,165 bucks… :-(….I can’t afford them right now….what to do? Find the same style shoe somewhere else for way less of course! Tadah!:

Arent they fan-friggin-tastic?!?!?!? These are Guess’ verson of the booties and will only set you back $139! Insanity! lol :-)…

If you still want the CL originals, here’s the link to them. If you have any spare change, pick up a pair for me too! Thanks 🙂


One Response to “Fashion for Less!”

  1. sagemag October 11, 2010 at 11:06 pm #

    They also have some at Wet Seal.

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