Journey to the Perfect Braid-Out

21 Oct

Hey dolls!  So I love braid-outs But I’m trying to find a braidout technique that will make my curls last through out the day.  I did 7 plaits in my hair lastnight and these were the results…

I only moisturized my ends the night before. Now here's the problem. Like most of you, I have different curl patterns in my hair. The sides (as seen here) came out in crinkly tight curls. While the curls in the front and the middle of my hair ......

...came out like this. Much more wavy and looser curls from the ones on the sides.

So what I decided to do now is moisturize my hair ( from the root to my ends) with Elasta Qp Mango Butter moisturizer (or any water-based moisturizer of your choice) to add better curl definition to my hair.  I just use the Mango Butter because its a super rich  creme and it smells AWESOME!!!  Afterwards, I did 7 plaits( or braids whatever you choose to call em) and sprayed each individual plait using Giovannis Leave- in hair treatment.  Then, I used perm rods at the ends of the braids to add a little spirally curl technique at the ends of my curls when iI take them out in the morning (never tried this before so I’m hoping it works)!

We’ll see how the end results come out tomorrow God’s will.


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