The Floacist is Back!!!!!

26 Oct

Hey dolls!  So I was watching music videos yesterday ( #1 favorite past-time though I dont know why), and while the video for Total’s “Cant You See” started to fade out, Isuddenly became captivated by this beautiful, bald, tattooed woman that suddenly appeared on my television screen.  Not knowing who she was at first I continued watching and instantly took notice of  her soft and soulful English accent.  Right away I was like, ” There is something veeery familiar about this girl.”  But even then I wasnt exactly sure…..that is until she opened her mouth and smiled.  That gap toothed smile gave her away quicker than a black person in a Cracker Barrel resturant lol.  Immediately I knew that it was none other than Natalie Stewart,  the other half to one of  neosouls best singing duo’s Floetry!  At that moment I started screaming like I had just seen my best friend  after 10 years?   I was so excited!!!  Finally after I calmed down and started to actually listen to the song I began to love it more and more with each note.  When I say this song is sexy, I mean it is sexy.  Like throw your drawls at the radio sexy ;-).  Just watch!


3 Responses to “The Floacist is Back!!!!!”

  1. Kia October 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm #

    First off let me start by saying “My name is Kia, and I’m a floetry addict.” I’m glad to see the floacist doing her thing. People thought she wouldn’t have a successful solo career as the songstress would, but I’m gonna be honest it’s the poetry and lyrics in their music that makes it so damn good. Yes the songstress can sing the crap out of a tune, but the floacist’s poetic skills are on point!

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