Giovanni’s Organic Hair Care Review

28 Oct

Good morning Dolls!!!!  So about 2 months ago I did a post on how I wanted to try Giovanni’s Deep moisture conditoner.  So far I have used it twice and I LOVED the results!  I’ve also added the leave in treatment on my list of  ” all things hair crack” following the conditioner lol.  Both left my hair feeling so incredibly soft and healthy!  I gotta say, I was really surprised with the end product because towards the bottom of the bottle it reads ” for all hair types.”  Now come on, let’s be real now.   What may work for Becky and Maria doesn’t necessarily have to work for Sherica lol.  So I would say I definitely had my doubts.  However, this product actually delivered and did exactly what it said it would do!  In fact you guys have actually seen the quality of my hair since I began using this line in my last couple of posts.  Now I’m not saying that it’s for everybody.  God knows we all have totally different hair types especially when it comes to being natural.  But it certainly works for me and I would’ve never known that if I hadn’t given it a shot!


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