The proof is in the products….My 3 day affair with twistouts.

3 Nov

No, I am not driving, talking on the phone and taking pictures. I am at a stop light, ok? lol

So, I had been rocking twists for a week, moisturizing with cantu shea butter, kinky curly gel and qp mango butter. After a week of twists, I opted for a twist out, moisturizing daily with Oyin Juices and berries. They held up so well, dolls! I rocked a pinned up side look Sunday and Monday. As it got fuzzy on Tuesday, I pilled up both sides. It’s looking nuts now, so I am wearing it in a ponytail. But my hair feels so soft and healthy right now! I have to wash and press it on Friday for Brittany’s wedding, as she wants us to have specific coifs. So I’ll post pictures of that too! But check out my photos!

My second family, Brittany, Brooke and Mom, Christy!

Day two, the twists are still there! I slept on a satin pillow and fluffed when I woke up!

Day three, my curls are frizzy, but still intact


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