Hooray For My First Eyebrow Threading!!!!!

6 Nov

The shape of my eyebrows are on point!!!

Please disregard the hanger and beanie/ shower cap. I was deep conditioning and hanging up clothes at the same time lol.

So I’m super stoked because I’ve finally taken the plunge into the ultra exotic world of eyebrow threading!!!!  I’ve always wanted to do it (especially since graduating from high school) but there was never a salon available in my neck of the woods that specialized in eyebrow threading.  I always admired the actresses in Bollywood movies, and how the shape and arch of their brows were always so neat and even.  For example…

Yeah, its a pretty big deal lol.  So needless to say, I felt like my prayers had been answered when I found Ana’s Eyebrow Place in the same county that I was in lol.  What a relief, someone who’s experienced in the art of eyebrow threading and has a salon here in Port Charlotte ( bet most af y’all don’t even know where that is lol).  The owner’s name is Deepthi, and before you even notice the sign that reads ” Eyebrow Threading” above the door of her shop, its her warm and welcoming smile that really lures you in.  The first time I discovered her salon I took a card.  But the second time around I brought her two new customers, my mom and myself!  And let me tell you… she hooked it up.  I got out of that chair lookin and feelin like a million bucks!Anyone who’s serious about their eyebrows knows that even though they take up such a small portion of your face, if your eyebrows aren’t done, they can really be damaging to your overall swag!!!!  Unkept eyebrows are definitely nooot fierce.  So if your interested in getting possibly the best shaped eyebrows of your life, Deepthi and her family own a chain of salons that specialize in the ancient Indian art ( and they do henna tattoos too) in Ohio, Ocala, St. Petersburg and Port Charlotte, Fl.  Her website is www.anaseyebrows.com. Go and give it a looksie!


3 Responses to “Hooray For My First Eyebrow Threading!!!!!”

  1. freeyourheart November 6, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    your ‘brows look amazing. and i have to agree, brows are very important. i’m on a strict 14 day schedule. it’s that serious. 🙂

    but i have to ask: how badly does it hurt?

    i love my brows currently (they’re waxed), but have always been interested in getting them threaded. my only issue is that my brows are super thick, so i feel like it’d hurt like hell. plus the whole string-in-the-mouth thing kinda turns me off.

    but what’s your experience as far as the pain? did it hurt? how high is your pain tolerance? and are your eyebrows thick?

    • shatterproofglassdolls November 6, 2010 at 6:51 pm #

      Well my pain tolerance is pretty high (or so I’ve been told). It didnt hurt to me personally. It feels like someone is constantly pulling at the skin in a swiping kind of motion. However, my mom has thicker eyebrows than me and she said it hurt for her. Deepthi ( the threader who did our brows) said that the left eyebrow hurts more than the right when being threaded, just a fun fact! Both me and my mother have proven this to be true lol. I think that the overall experiance went well though. Its not so painful that you should miss out on the experiance itself. Try it out. Its definitely worth it!

    • Kermina November 6, 2010 at 11:43 pm #

      Ok so I tried threading one time and that was for my wedding. I am Indian and so my whole family basically goes with threading and my cousin knows how to do it. From my experience I won’t be doing it again. It hurt way more than waxing. Luckily my brow shape is pretty good on it’s own but dealing with ripping out one hair at a time instead of a whole bunch was pain on a different level. I would say if you want that perfect arch or shape then go for it. I think experiencing isomething new at least once is good. Think of it as a cultural experience. Lol. Let us know what you think if you decide to do it!

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