Fantasy Bras…The history of the Glamour.

18 Nov

Marissa in 2009 Harlequin Fantasy Bra

I have always been a huge, huge fan of Victoria’s Secret. In fact, the only bras and panties I buy are from VS. Lucky hubby I have over here, huh? lol…Anyway, I have been a huge fan of the fantasy bras that are featured every year, and decided to do a little research on them. According to Wikipedia (the gospel), the first Fantasy Bra was worn by Claudia Schiffer in 1996. The first Fantasy bra was priced at $1,000,000!

It's so expensive, the poor model doesnt even want to show it! 😉

So in short, VS contracts a renowned jeweler to design a bra each year and the bra is modeled down the VS runway. Over the past 14 years, the price range of the bras have ranged between $1,000,000 to a whopping $12,500,000.

The heavenly star bra from 2001 was 12,500,000. WORK IT HEIDI!


Well if you’re as broke as me, but like sparkly things, like me, here are some more bra’s from the past! Enjoy! Oh, and don’t forget to tune in on November 30th to CBS for the fashion show!!! Have a good day dolls and stay gorgeous!

Heidi Klum rocking the bra from 2003


Tyra twinkles in 2004

Giselle in 2000 Red Hot Fantasy Bra and Panty. For $15,000,000, it better have a built heater for your boobs and buns! lol


The 2005 Fantasy Bra, also worn by Giselle is one of my favorites! I like the pink sparkles 🙂


Selita looks so pretty, she should be atop a Christmas tree! 2007 Holiday Fantasy Bra.


Karolina in the Fantasy Bra for 2006 🙂


Dolls, I present to you 2010 Fantasy Bra worn by Adrianna!


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