Beyonce Banned!!!

19 Nov

So, people in the UK are a little um….ruffled by Beyonce’s new perfume ad. Apparently the  UK Advertising Standards Authority feels that the commercial (which features a greased up Beyonce who’s so sexy, her red dress is threatening to fall off) is to “grown” for little ones. Okay, I suppose, but Beyonce has been uber sexified from day one! Example, the bubble bath scene from the ‘Me, Myself and I’ music video, which she also wore a boobalicious gown in. There is also ‘Single Ladies’ where she slinked around in a leotard and some bad ass pumps (she’s gotta have one hell of a bikini wax, because there is not much fabric to that thing). And let’s not forget ‘Baby Boy’ where she’s writhing on a bed, the list is endless! So WHY is a one minute, two second video of her touching walls and being “hot” such a problem? See for yourselves! Weigh in!

For the full article from, click here!


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