How to Keep Your Dreadlocks Moisturized During The Winter

22 Nov

    Good Afternoon Dolls!!!  Here’s a post for all our Dolls that are loc’d up, thinking about getting loc’d up, or are just plain curious.  We cater to you as well!  How do you plan on keeping your gorgeous locs moisturized and healthy during the harsh winter weather?!  Just incase your new to you  locs or just ready to try something new in your regimen,  here are a few ideas and tips on how to keep them soft and luscious even during the cold weather!

  • Constantly keep your locs hydrated by spritzing them with your very own mixture of water and EVOO (extra virgin olive oil).  You’ll need a 12 oz. spray bottle (you can pick one up at Walmart or your local beauty supply store). Followed by some EVOO and a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil.  Fill half the bottle of water, and then add your EVOO and scented oil (gives your dreads a yummy smell).    Close the bottle and shake. Spray this mixture on your locs after styling or whenever you feel that they may need a moisture “pick me up.”
  • When you go to bed at night,  wear a satin or nylon scarf to keep your dreads smooth and protected while you sleep!
  • Tea Tree oil is a great antiseptic, but should not be used daily to moisturize.
  • Never, ever, EVER, sleep or leave the house with wet dreads!  Same thing goes for the curly Dolls too!
  • Moisturizing shampoos and hot oil treatments are also going to be your best friends during the winter season.
  • Fibers from hats can easily get lodged in your locs, and wool material can loosen loc strands.  Instead you could keep your locs bundled together and keep them loosely and safely tucked under a fashion forward tam!
  •   Last but not least, go for a fabulous and chic updo to keep your hair ultra fly and protected from the harsh weather.  For example….


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