Nicki’s New Diss Track to Lil Kim

26 Nov

 Fresh off of Nicki Minaj’s new and first solo debut album si the my favorite track “Romans Revenge” ft. Eminem.  Now, when I first heard this track I thought it was just another dope track by Ms. Minaj.  But apparently it was just another low jab at the other Queen B (to some the only) in hip hop Lil Kim.  Then ofcourse Lil Kim had to jab back by making her own diss track right back at Nicki on a track titled ‘Black Friday” as oppose to Nicki’s “Pink Friday.”  Ladies, ladies, ladies, whats with all the hositility smh?!  Why cant we women just congratulate and lift one another up instead of pulling eachother down? *long sigh* In the mean time, we should all hold hands in a circle as we sing Kumbaya for these two feuding hip hop divas and for all the other people out there that make a living out of hating on others.  We pray for you…Kumbaya ;-)!

Click here to hear Nicki’s “Roman Revenge”:


One Response to “Nicki’s New Diss Track to Lil Kim”

  1. ck November 29, 2010 at 8:56 am #

    Haha so true but these younger people should respect the older people in the game.

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