And the wack award goes to………

28 Nov

Motions Plus Conditioner *pouting*


Okay, before y’all start fussing at me, I thought it was Optimum Olive Oil Treatment, but it was in a different bottle with new ingredients. My bad. With that said, my hair hated this stuff. I tried to use it after I washed my hair last week and my hair gave me a huge “eff you” for my efforts. This conditioner boasts moisture, but had absolutely NO slip. It was like clay in my hair. I had to wash it out and start from scratch with my tried and true Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and a bit of Long Term Relationship. Dolls, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. If your hair really really REEEALLY loves a product, don’t switch. And if you have natural hair, Motions probably is not the way to go if youre trying something new. Hey, btw, did you guys know that the Motions line carries relaxers (duh Taneica)? That explains alot….lol!


2 Responses to “And the wack award goes to………”

  1. shalonda November 29, 2010 at 8:25 pm #

    I could have told you that one!!! lol it dried out my hair bad … DOWN WITH MOTIONS!!!! lol

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