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Taneica Takes off Twenty Challenge!

28 Nov

Laugh if you want to, I'm gonna fit in this thing by January. HEEEEEEEY ūüėČ


Good morning dolls! Just thought I would update you on my progress! Before I start, I want you to direct your attention to the two pieces of fabric above. That right there, ladies, is my cheerleading uniform from when I cheered for Tampa Bay All Stars in college. I was about a size 6/8 at that time. I’m a 10/12 now, but more on the 10 than the 12. I have lost about 7 lbs so far. Not as much weight as I was hoping to lose by now, but certainly something. I have not been exercising. My last day at¬†my full-time¬†job is next thursday and I have alot….alot¬†to tie up before I leave. I am actually taking a break from notes to do these posts! Anyway, my success in shaving off a few lbs has been eating when I’m hungry¬†and ONLY when I’m hungry. For me, the snacking all day thing was not cutting it.¬† I found myself eating, and eating, and eating…like a grazing cow. Not sexy. So, when my time is up at my big girl job, I plan on walking in the morning and getting back into my pole dancing classes while I attend school and stuff! I hope you guys are doing better than I am with the whole fitness thing, but atleast I’m losing something, right?


And the wack award goes to………

28 Nov

Motions Plus Conditioner *pouting*


Okay, before y’all start fussing at me, I thought it was Optimum Olive Oil Treatment, but it was in a different bottle with new ingredients. My bad. With that said, my hair hated this stuff. I tried to use it after I washed my hair last week and my hair gave me a huge “eff you” for my efforts. This conditioner boasts moisture, but had absolutely NO slip. It was like clay in my hair. I had to wash it out and start from scratch with my tried and true Herbal Essences¬†Hello Hydration and a bit of Long Term Relationship. Dolls, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. If your hair really really¬†REEEALLY¬†loves a product, don’t switch. And if you have natural hair, Motions probably is not the way to go if youre¬†trying something new. Hey, btw, did you guys know that the Motions line carries relaxers (duh Taneica)? That explains alot….lol!

Old School Jam: En Vogue

27 Nov

And they're STILL fabulous!

Grab a glass of Chardonnay and and a few equally fabulous dolls and sing along with us! One time for the grown and sexy women!

Eye Candy: Dijimon Hounsou

27 Nov

See, now....he makes man panties look GOOOOD!

Black Friday!!!!

26 Nov

¬† So there was absolutely no way in hell that I was waking up at 5am this morning to go shopping.¬† Especially since my mommy ( yes I do still call her that) gave me some more food before hitting the sheets.¬† So y’all¬†already know, when my head hit that pillow last night, I was out for the count lol.¬† However, I do know that there were a lot¬†of other ladies out there that have been preparing for Black Friday since the beginning of this year!¬† To all of those ladies in specific, I’d like to know where you did your Black Friday shopping and how was your over all experience¬†:-)?!¬† As for those who stayed in bed like myself, how¬†did that¬† rest aka: the “itis” work out for ya lol?!¬† Please share,¬†I’m sure we can get some pretty¬†funny comments for this one!

Nicki’s New Diss Track to Lil Kim

26 Nov

¬†Fresh¬†off of¬†Nicki Minaj’s new and first solo debut album si the my favorite track “Romans Revenge” ft. Eminem.¬† Now, when I first heard¬†this track¬†I thought it was just another dope track by Ms. Minaj.¬† But apparently it was just another low jab at the other Queen B (to some the only) in hip hop Lil Kim.¬† Then ofcourse Lil Kim had to jab back by making her own diss track right back at¬†Nicki on a track¬†titled ‘Black Friday” as oppose to Nicki’s “Pink Friday.”¬† Ladies, ladies, ladies, whats with all the hositility smh?!¬† Why cant we¬†women just congratulate and lift¬†one another¬†up¬†instead of¬†pulling eachother down? *long sigh* In the mean time, we should all hold hands in a circle as we¬†sing Kumbaya for these two¬†feuding hip hop divas and for all the other people out there that make a living¬†out¬†of hating on others.¬† We pray for you…Kumbaya ;-)!

Click here to hear Nicki’s “Roman Revenge”:

Full Stomachs, Even Fuller Hearts…

26 Nov

Good Morning Dolls!!!! As promised, Taneica¬†and I turned Thanksgiving into our own personal runway show ūüėĬ†lol!!!¬† The food was great and Taneica¬†made some pretty fantastic couscous with cranberries in it.¬† She also¬†managed to bring along¬† a pair¬†of fierce boots!

Not to be out done, I wore my brown cuffed boots.

Before I go further, I should tell you guys¬† that this post is gonna be¬†rather¬†long.¬† So those little spinnie things on your mouses are probably gonna be working overtime lol.¬† Okay so moving right¬†along…

This is Taneica's freak-um dress turned tunic. Everytime I look at my sister's pictures I hear Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" playing in the back of my head lol.

As always, Taneica perfects yet another twistout!

As for my overall look, I dug straight into fall fashion. With the dark greens and the even darker browns.

For my makeup I went for natural, soft hues as usual. I lined my bottom lids with purple eyeliner by Almay,and applied this shimmery purple eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyes. I love that eyeshadow! Makes me feel like a fairy lol.

…I was in a hurry and forgot my mascara.¬† I didn’t notice until we were already on the road.¬† It was barely noticeable though :-).

For my hair I did this Alicia Keys inspired look. Everyone loved it and it was sooo easy to do.

Pretty cool huh?!

Taneica’s Look:

Michael Antonio boots can be found at

Sherica’s Look:

Dress by the Lauren Conrad collection (found at Kohls)

Tights :Target

Vest and boots: Charlotte Russe

If you’d like a tutorial on the way either of us did our hair , feel free to let us know!!!¬† Thanks for viewing Dolls, and¬†we hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well :-)!