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Eye Candy: Dijimon Hounsou

27 Nov

See, now....he makes man panties look GOOOOD!


Eye Candy: Idris Elba

23 Nov

Mmmm yum. This man is the first person that comes to mind when I think of the words tall, dark AND handsome. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous.

Eye Candy: Tyga

14 Nov


Eventhough he looks like a human coloring book this Young Money artist is talented to the 10th power, and has been spitting out mixtapes under the radar for quite sometime now. Coincidently enough, he just happens to be the cousin of our previous eye candy Travie Mccoy.  He represents for the light skinnided brothas lmao, and most of all my favorite thing about him is…. he has really, really, really, nice lips *long sigh, falls out*!

Eye Candy: Travie McCoy

9 Nov

Not sure what about him is so appealing, but he sure is cute 🙂

Eye Candy: Damian Marley

6 Nov

Okay, so anyone that know’s me, knows that this is my husband right here.  But ya’ll can take a gander for a little bit I dont mind lol…. *serious face*

Eye Candy: Willy Monfret

5 Nov


Mmmmmm…what? Oh my bad… ya’ll just caught me in a moment lol.  I just got so lost in the gaze of this walking Carmello bar you see pictured here.  His name is Willy Monfret, and this french imported hottie made his big debut in Nicki Minaj’s video for her new single ” Right Thru Me.”  Mmm… mm… mm, magnifique!  Here’s the link to the video if you wanna see what I ‘m talking about:

Eye Candy: Troy Polamalu

2 Nov

In my fantasies we'd take turns brushing one another's hair and share hair care secrets. Nothing kinky, just fun!