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What I Wore today…..

2 Dec

…..I dont care if I live in Florida or not!  When the weather drops below 50, I’m wearing a scarf lol!  For the record… it was 43 degress this morning! SCARF lol!!!!

Scarf: Charlotte Russe

White t-shirt: Wet Seal

Boyfriends pants: Aeropostale

Boots: Charlotte Russe


2010 Soul Train Awards

1 Dec

I don’t know what was air at the 2010 Soul Train awards, but that night almost everybody’s fashion sense radar was off!  But thats just my opinion, take a looksie for yourself!

Her complextion was looking mighty yummy though...

Melanie Fiona and Keshia Cole

Eric Bonet with his wife. Damn, the fact that Eric Bonet can find a wife after what happened with Halle, proves the old saying "there's somebody out there for everyone." Even if you cheat on your first wife and call it sex addiction.


Elise Neal

Faith Evans. Looks like she's in desperate need of an iron.

This Season’s Cravings: Over the Knee Boots

30 Nov

Good morning Dolls!!  Thigh- high or over the knee boots, have come a long way from their “Pretty Woman” days.  In fact it was that movie that made me kind of hesitant to the trend in the first place.  However, I have seen a couple of fashionistas that have been able to pull of the look without channeling their inner Julia Roberts lol.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred in the Hollywood classic Pretty Woman in 1990.

  Fast forward 20 yrs later…..

I like these...alot. They can be found on sale at

Oh my goodness, "sexiness has entered the building ladies and gentlemen, sexiness has entered." Good Lord, now this is what I call seductive footwear!!! You can also find these babies at!

Full Stomachs, Even Fuller Hearts…

26 Nov

Good Morning Dolls!!!! As promised, Taneica and I turned Thanksgiving into our own personal runway show 😀 lol!!!  The food was great and Taneica made some pretty fantastic couscous with cranberries in it.  She also managed to bring along  a pair of fierce boots!

Not to be out done, I wore my brown cuffed boots.

Before I go further, I should tell you guys  that this post is gonna be rather long.  So those little spinnie things on your mouses are probably gonna be working overtime lol.  Okay so moving right along…

This is Taneica's freak-um dress turned tunic. Everytime I look at my sister's pictures I hear Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" playing in the back of my head lol.

As always, Taneica perfects yet another twistout!

As for my overall look, I dug straight into fall fashion. With the dark greens and the even darker browns.

For my makeup I went for natural, soft hues as usual. I lined my bottom lids with purple eyeliner by Almay,and applied this shimmery purple eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyes. I love that eyeshadow! Makes me feel like a fairy lol.

…I was in a hurry and forgot my mascara.  I didn’t notice until we were already on the road.  It was barely noticeable though :-).

For my hair I did this Alicia Keys inspired look. Everyone loved it and it was sooo easy to do.

Pretty cool huh?!

Taneica’s Look:

Michael Antonio boots can be found at

Sherica’s Look:

Dress by the Lauren Conrad collection (found at Kohls)

Tights :Target

Vest and boots: Charlotte Russe

If you’d like a tutorial on the way either of us did our hair , feel free to let us know!!!  Thanks for viewing Dolls, and we hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well :-)!

Feeling it or Not so Much: Rihanna at The AMA’s

25 Nov


  Rihanna ditched her bright red “Ronald McDonald” wig for a burgundy one instead at last week’s AMA’s.  If you missed her performance here’s a video of it.  There was alot of leg opening and hip giratting and….you’ll see lol.  Click here for the video:

Shoe Envy

23 Nov

Dolls, I am in love! I have been looking for some booties for the winter months and have not found a thing that I like! I must admit, these fuchsia babies are making me warm all over :-). If you want to buy a pair too, visit DSW at this link:

Vogue’s 10 Best Dressed of 2010

22 Nov

Good morning dolls! The list is out! What list? Vogue’s best dressed of 2010, of course! So, who made the list? Take a look and let us know what you think!

Blake Lively

This Gossip Girl looks gorgeous off and on the TV screen. Shes very sexy and shows a lot of leg and sometimes ample bust on the red carpet. Very "bombshell" like.

Marion Cottilard

She wears unusual pieces that look stunning on her. I also loooove her full eyes and pale skin. It works for her!



Jessica Biel

Looks like a model, except she's got a little more ass. Justin Timberlake's But seriously, Jessica's style is very effortless. She always looks so "California chic"



Alexa Chung

Try to keep a straight face when watching this talk show host. This funny lady has style though. Love her accent too ;-).



Sarah Jessica Parker

Oh how I LOVE this woman. Her style is versatile and fresh. I love how she mixes peices together and even though she's twice my age, she never looks matronly. Get it girl.



Liya Kebede

Her skin glows and she chooses such gorgeous clothes to enhance her beautiful complexion.



Carey Mulligen

I have been mad about her pixie cut for the longest time. This actress takes risks that work so well for her, fashion wise.



Michelle Obama

The First Lady keeps it fierce yet practical all the time. President Obama married a keeper ;-).



Shala Monroque

Very fearless and European, Shala definitely knows how to turn heads! Note the lady in the back frantically diggin in her purse, probably looking for a camera....everyone knows a picture lasts longer 🙂



Lady Gaga

Ok, so, I get it. Really, I do. However, this is the only one I am not sure I agree with. When is wearing meat (when there are starving people in the world) ever fashionable? Never the less, fashion IS an artistic expression, so perhaps the award is more deserving than I could ever fathom.



There were some divas who didn’t make the list that I still think are ultra fabulous. Here’s some women I would’ve liked to see:


Anne Hathaway is very classic.



Beyonce, the classiest "Around the Way" girl I have ever seen in my LIFE!



Janet Jackson, Ms. Jackson if you're nasty. Still looking stunning.



Prince William's fiance Kate Middleton serves it up with royal precision.




Now, if Vogue was giving away awards for fashion/shock value, SHE would be the person I'd give it to.



Dita Von Teese is absolutely gorgeous. I love her vintage looks and her sexy demeanor.