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Full Stomachs, Even Fuller Hearts…

26 Nov

Good Morning Dolls!!!! As promised, Taneica¬†and I turned Thanksgiving into our own personal runway show ūüėĬ†lol!!!¬† The food was great and Taneica¬†made some pretty fantastic couscous with cranberries in it.¬† She also¬†managed to bring along¬† a pair¬†of fierce boots!

Not to be out done, I wore my brown cuffed boots.

Before I go further, I should tell you guys¬† that this post is gonna be¬†rather¬†long.¬† So those little spinnie things on your mouses are probably gonna be working overtime lol.¬† Okay so moving right¬†along…

This is Taneica's freak-um dress turned tunic. Everytime I look at my sister's pictures I hear Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" playing in the back of my head lol.

As always, Taneica perfects yet another twistout!

As for my overall look, I dug straight into fall fashion. With the dark greens and the even darker browns.

For my makeup I went for natural, soft hues as usual. I lined my bottom lids with purple eyeliner by Almay,and applied this shimmery purple eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyes. I love that eyeshadow! Makes me feel like a fairy lol.

…I was in a hurry and forgot my mascara.¬† I didn’t notice until we were already on the road.¬† It was barely noticeable though :-).

For my hair I did this Alicia Keys inspired look. Everyone loved it and it was sooo easy to do.

Pretty cool huh?!

Taneica’s Look:

Michael Antonio boots can be found at

Sherica’s Look:

Dress by the Lauren Conrad collection (found at Kohls)

Tights :Target

Vest and boots: Charlotte Russe

If you’d like a tutorial on the way either of us did our hair , feel free to let us know!!!¬† Thanks for viewing Dolls, and¬†we hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well :-)!


How to Keep Your Dreadlocks Moisturized During The Winter

22 Nov

¬†¬†¬† Good Afternoon Dolls!!!¬† Here’s a post for all our Dolls that are loc’d¬†up, thinking about getting loc’d¬†up, or are just plain curious.¬† We cater to you as well!¬† How do you plan on keeping your gorgeous locs¬†moisturized¬†and healthy during the harsh winter weather?!¬† Just incase your new to you ¬†locs or just ready to try something new in your regimen,¬† here are¬†a few¬†ideas and tips on how to keep them soft and luscious even during the cold weather!

  • Constantly keep your locs¬†hydrated by spritzing¬†them with your very own mixture of water and EVOO¬†(extra virgin olive oil).¬† You’ll need a 12 oz. spray bottle (you can pick one up at Walmart¬†or your local beauty supply store).¬†Followed by¬†some EVOO¬†and a few drops of your favorite scented essential oil.¬† Fill half the bottle of water, and then add your EVOO¬†and scented oil (gives your dreads a yummy smell).¬†¬†¬† Close the bottle and shake. Spray this mixture on your locs after styling or whenever you feel that they may need a moisture “pick me up.”
  • When you go to bed at night,¬† wear a satin or nylon¬†scarf to keep your dreads smooth and protected while you sleep!
  • Tea Tree oil is a great antiseptic, but should not be used daily to moisturize.
  • Never, ever, EVER,¬†sleep or leave the house with wet dreads!¬† Same thing goes for the curly Dolls too!
  • Moisturizing shampoos and hot oil treatments are also going to be your best friends during the winter season.
  • Fibers from hats can easily get lodged in your locs, and wool material can loosen loc strands.¬† Instead you could keep your locs bundled together and keep them¬†loosely and safely tucked¬†under a fashion forward tam!
  • ¬† Last but not least, go for a fabulous and¬†chic updo to keep your hair¬†ultra fly¬†and protected from the harsh weather.¬† For example….

Perfect Blow Out!

21 Nov

You still cant see the true length due to some "curlige" I've still got going on there lol. I got you next month though!

¬† I washed and deep conditioned (the best way I could) last Friday. and decided to blow dry my hair instead of letting it air dry.¬† After applying my leave in treatment, I added Root Simulator’s¬†olive oil moisterizer¬†and Elasta¬†QP¬†mango butter( first time adding both together) and continued to blow dry.¬† The results were phenomenal!!! The curl pattern that you’re seeing¬†now is from the plaits (or braids)¬† I had in from the night before.¬† I like to keep some sort of curl pattern.¬† My hair was extremely soft,moisturized, and ever so glossy :-)!¬† I hope that my hair enjoyed the extra treatment, because it’s not getting washed again until Dec. 10!

Tis The Season For Protective Styling!!!

20 Nov

¬†¬† ¬†Winter is right around the corner (maybe even closer) and most of our hair regimens are likely to change.¬† Most Natural Dolls will be adding protective styling into their hair regimens.¬† My plan is that after I press my hair for my birthday, the next wash I’ll put in some type of protective¬†style.¬† Something that would keep my hands out of my hair for a couple of weeks.¬† I narrowed down my¬†chices between kinky twists and braids, decisions, decisions.¬† What will your regimen¬†be during¬†the winter?!