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What I Wore today…..

2 Dec

…..I dont care if I live in Florida or not!  When the weather drops below 50, I’m wearing a scarf lol!  For the record… it was 43 degress this morning! SCARF lol!!!!

Scarf: Charlotte Russe

White t-shirt: Wet Seal

Boyfriends pants: Aeropostale

Boots: Charlotte Russe


A Workout Plan I Can Call My Own!

29 Nov

Hey Dolls!  How many of you out there enjoy working out and staying in shape? Well giiiirl, I’m trying to get on your level lol.  It’s not the working out that I mind, it’s getting a work out plan and actually being able to to be consistent with it.  I could tell myself that Im going to workout 4 times a week, and end up working out zero times instead because something came up.  So by the end of the day I tell myself that I’ll workout the next day instead, which I never do.  I found that there are 2 routines or methods of staying in shape that I actually like.  Yoga and Pilates.  I’m into Pilates because I like the idea of sculpting the muscle that you already have, and I enjoy yoga because it’s sooo relaxing.  Normally when I do yoga, it’s right before I go to bed ay night because it calms my mind, body and soul.  It sounds cheesy but it’s true!  I want to be consistent with staying in shape, but I dont wanna make it a new year’s resolution (because I never keep those) and i’m ready to break this bad habit.  HELP!!!  What should I do Dolls :-/?!

Taneica Takes off Twenty Challenge!

28 Nov

Laugh if you want to, I'm gonna fit in this thing by January. HEEEEEEEY 😉


Good morning dolls! Just thought I would update you on my progress! Before I start, I want you to direct your attention to the two pieces of fabric above. That right there, ladies, is my cheerleading uniform from when I cheered for Tampa Bay All Stars in college. I was about a size 6/8 at that time. I’m a 10/12 now, but more on the 10 than the 12. I have lost about 7 lbs so far. Not as much weight as I was hoping to lose by now, but certainly something. I have not been exercising. My last day at my full-time job is next thursday and I have alot….alot to tie up before I leave. I am actually taking a break from notes to do these posts! Anyway, my success in shaving off a few lbs has been eating when I’m hungry and ONLY when I’m hungry. For me, the snacking all day thing was not cutting it.  I found myself eating, and eating, and eating…like a grazing cow. Not sexy. So, when my time is up at my big girl job, I plan on walking in the morning and getting back into my pole dancing classes while I attend school and stuff! I hope you guys are doing better than I am with the whole fitness thing, but atleast I’m losing something, right?

Black Friday!!!!

26 Nov

  So there was absolutely no way in hell that I was waking up at 5am this morning to go shopping.  Especially since my mommy ( yes I do still call her that) gave me some more food before hitting the sheets.  So y’all already know, when my head hit that pillow last night, I was out for the count lol.  However, I do know that there were a lot of other ladies out there that have been preparing for Black Friday since the beginning of this year!  To all of those ladies in specific, I’d like to know where you did your Black Friday shopping and how was your over all experience :-)?!  As for those who stayed in bed like myself, how did that  rest aka: the “itis” work out for ya lol?!  Please share, I’m sure we can get some pretty funny comments for this one!

Full Stomachs, Even Fuller Hearts…

26 Nov

Good Morning Dolls!!!! As promised, Taneica and I turned Thanksgiving into our own personal runway show 😀 lol!!!  The food was great and Taneica made some pretty fantastic couscous with cranberries in it.  She also managed to bring along  a pair of fierce boots!

Not to be out done, I wore my brown cuffed boots.

Before I go further, I should tell you guys  that this post is gonna be rather long.  So those little spinnie things on your mouses are probably gonna be working overtime lol.  Okay so moving right along…

This is Taneica's freak-um dress turned tunic. Everytime I look at my sister's pictures I hear Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" playing in the back of my head lol.

As always, Taneica perfects yet another twistout!

As for my overall look, I dug straight into fall fashion. With the dark greens and the even darker browns.

For my makeup I went for natural, soft hues as usual. I lined my bottom lids with purple eyeliner by Almay,and applied this shimmery purple eyeshadow to the inner corners of my eyes. I love that eyeshadow! Makes me feel like a fairy lol.

…I was in a hurry and forgot my mascara.  I didn’t notice until we were already on the road.  It was barely noticeable though :-).

For my hair I did this Alicia Keys inspired look. Everyone loved it and it was sooo easy to do.

Pretty cool huh?!

Taneica’s Look:

Michael Antonio boots can be found at

Sherica’s Look:

Dress by the Lauren Conrad collection (found at Kohls)

Tights :Target

Vest and boots: Charlotte Russe

If you’d like a tutorial on the way either of us did our hair , feel free to let us know!!!  Thanks for viewing Dolls, and we hoped you enjoyed your Thanksgiving as well :-)!


25 Nov

    My sister and I hope that you ladies have a fabulous Turkey Day and have lots to give thanks for!!!!!  But if your alive and able to read this right now we know that you will :-)!!!!  Stay tuned, we’re gonna have some Thanksgiving dinner fashion coming up the day after!  We’re all gonna  be having dinner with Taneica’s in-laws, which means that she’s probably over there cooking up some sort of concoction that could kill an army…..just kidding *serious face* lol. Have a blessed day Dolls!!!

Perfect Blow Out!

21 Nov

You still cant see the true length due to some "curlige" I've still got going on there lol. I got you next month though!

  I washed and deep conditioned (the best way I could) last Friday. and decided to blow dry my hair instead of letting it air dry.  After applying my leave in treatment, I added Root Simulator’s olive oil moisterizer and Elasta QP mango butter( first time adding both together) and continued to blow dry.  The results were phenomenal!!! The curl pattern that you’re seeing now is from the plaits (or braids)  I had in from the night before.  I like to keep some sort of curl pattern.  My hair was extremely soft,moisturized, and ever so glossy :-)!  I hope that my hair enjoyed the extra treatment, because it’s not getting washed again until Dec. 10!