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To the French Dolls…

28 Dec

Hey Dolls, ce message est pour nos poupées de langue française. Ma sœur et moi avons remarqué qu’il ya peut-être été une sorte de confusion au cours de la transition entre notre blog et notre site Web. Nous avons réalisé que cette différence pourrait provenir du fait que tous nos poupées parler anglais. Beaucoup d’entre vous parlent le français aussi bien. Donc, nous voulions simplement préciser, pour tous nos poupées que nous avons déménagé à un plus grand, meilleur et encore plus fabuleux site!! Nous allons bientôt mettre en place notre blog afin qu’il rediriger immédiatement nos téléspectateurs sur le site à la place! Le site web est: Vous y voir!




3 Dec

Hey there gorgeous! We’ve moved!!! Our official website blog is up and running! We will no longer be posting from this site. For the new and improved version of SPGD, Please come here : We can’t wait to see you dolls over there! Drop us a line and let us know what you think! Stay gorgeous, dolls!


Taneica 🙂 and Sherica

Eye Candy: Dwayne Johnson

1 Dec

He'll melt your britches right off of your backside! LAWD!

Throwback Jam: Whitney Houston

29 Nov

Good morning Dolls!  We have yet another treat for you today! We have a whole lotta die hard Whitney fans still out there so this one’s for you, and to anyone else that can go back to that special place in their past when a classic throwback was hot.  For me, this song takes me back to when Taneica and I use to dance in front of my mother’s mirror singing into combs and brushes and really getting into this song :-)!!!  Good times, Good times.  man they dont make em like this anymore!  Click here;  For Whitney Houston’s ” I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

Calling all Central Florida Dolls!

28 Nov

My tree braids!!!


Good morning dolls! I have some exciting news! Check this out!!!!  Ms. Ethina and her wonderful Strands of beauty staff will be back in Orlando, next week on December 11th and 12th! It costs $150 to get your hair braided (including the hair), but it makes for a wonderful resting style without putting too much stress on your hair. My hair grows so quickly when I just let it  be. If your hair is anything like mine and you’re looking for a low maintainance/manipulation hair style for the holidays, this may be the style for you! Visit her website at and schedule your appointment! Tell her Taneica sent you!

Picture is property of Strands of Beauty


Ms.Ethina rocks!

And the wack award goes to………

28 Nov

Motions Plus Conditioner *pouting*


Okay, before y’all start fussing at me, I thought it was Optimum Olive Oil Treatment, but it was in a different bottle with new ingredients. My bad. With that said, my hair hated this stuff. I tried to use it after I washed my hair last week and my hair gave me a huge “eff you” for my efforts. This conditioner boasts moisture, but had absolutely NO slip. It was like clay in my hair. I had to wash it out and start from scratch with my tried and true Herbal Essences Hello Hydration and a bit of Long Term Relationship. Dolls, I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this. If your hair really really REEEALLY loves a product, don’t switch. And if you have natural hair, Motions probably is not the way to go if youre trying something new. Hey, btw, did you guys know that the Motions line carries relaxers (duh Taneica)? That explains alot….lol!

Nicki’s New Diss Track to Lil Kim

26 Nov

 Fresh off of Nicki Minaj’s new and first solo debut album si the my favorite track “Romans Revenge” ft. Eminem.  Now, when I first heard this track I thought it was just another dope track by Ms. Minaj.  But apparently it was just another low jab at the other Queen B (to some the only) in hip hop Lil Kim.  Then ofcourse Lil Kim had to jab back by making her own diss track right back at Nicki on a track titled ‘Black Friday” as oppose to Nicki’s “Pink Friday.”  Ladies, ladies, ladies, whats with all the hositility smh?!  Why cant we women just congratulate and lift one another up instead of pulling eachother down? *long sigh* In the mean time, we should all hold hands in a circle as we sing Kumbaya for these two feuding hip hop divas and for all the other people out there that make a living out of hating on others.  We pray for you…Kumbaya ;-)!

Click here to hear Nicki’s “Roman Revenge”: