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What the Hell of the Week?!!!

30 Nov

  mhm, mhm *scratches chin while pondering*….WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MS. KERI BABY GOT ON?!!!!!  Looking like Anna Nicole reincarnated as a black woman lmao. I’m honestly at a loss for words….not good.


“What the hell?!?!?!?” of the week

24 Nov



Ok. This is the very talented and very pregnant singer Mia at this year’s Grammy’s. I love her work, but…..I’m not even trying to be funny right now. *straight face* For real though, what the hell?!?!?

“What the hell?!?!?” of the Week: Patti Stanger

15 Nov

I must admit, I watch Millionare Matchmaker all the time. I find Patti’s obnoxious tirades rather amusing and can’t stop myself usually when I see the show come up in my TV guide que! So, lemme tell y’all how I just went “awww, what the hell?!?!?” When I heard that Ms.Stanger was quoted in the New York Times last month as saying ‘She needs to straighten her hair, for one. She can’t get arrested with her rat’s nest.’ I’ve also seen her tell a chick on her show that a millionare will not marry a girl with curly hair….okay lady, seriously? So basically, what you’re edging at, is a man with lotsa money won’t look twice at a gorgeous black or hispanic woman with naturally curly hair? Granted the lady who she was refering to had naturally blond curls, but to just discard a whole group of women, black, white, hispanic, biracial, makes no sense. Patti, lets be real, I’m not a matchmaker and even I know that most men are WAAAAAY to horny to turn down a gorgeous woman no matter HOW crazy her hair looks (Amber Rose, Casie). And curly haired girls DO get married to rich guys (Robert DeNiro’s wife has curly hair, Lynn Whitfield is married to a rich dude, Sarah Jessica Parker has curly hair and she’s married, Chaka Khan has huge curls too and she gets down with rich dudes).  So Patti, what the hell?!?!?

“What the Hell” of the Week!

4 Nov

So I was watching the Fashion Police on the E network a couple of nights back and saw Julianne Moore wearing this……..

What the helll?!!!!!

The “what the hell?!?” of the week….

27 Oct


Ok, now dolls, you know I loooove my designer shoes, but I came across these and just kinda cocked my head to the right. Theyre definitely artistic. That’s probably why theyre called the Sculptured Lace Pump. Theyre made by Valentino! What’s even more shocking is the price tag. These puppies right here are a whopping $4,700! Come on ya’ll, say it with me: WHAT THE HELL?!?

I mean, they look nicer on her feet, but still...what the hell?

If you love these shoes and want to purchase them or just gotta see it to believe it, check em out at Neiman Marcus (my favorite store EVER)