This Season’s Cravings: Over the Knee Boots

30 Nov

Good morning Dolls!!  Thigh- high or over the knee boots, have come a long way from their “Pretty Woman” days.  In fact it was that movie that made me kind of hesitant to the trend in the first place.  However, I have seen a couple of fashionistas that have been able to pull of the look without channeling their inner Julia Roberts lol.

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere starred in the Hollywood classic Pretty Woman in 1990.

  Fast forward 20 yrs later…..

I like these...alot. They can be found on sale at

Oh my goodness, "sexiness has entered the building ladies and gentlemen, sexiness has entered." Good Lord, now this is what I call seductive footwear!!! You can also find these babies at!


What the Hell of the Week?!!!

30 Nov

  mhm, mhm *scratches chin while pondering*….WHAT THE HELL IS THIS MS. KERI BABY GOT ON?!!!!!  Looking like Anna Nicole reincarnated as a black woman lmao. I’m honestly at a loss for words….not good.

Photo of the Day

30 Nov

A Workout Plan I Can Call My Own!

29 Nov

Hey Dolls!  How many of you out there enjoy working out and staying in shape? Well giiiirl, I’m trying to get on your level lol.  It’s not the working out that I mind, it’s getting a work out plan and actually being able to to be consistent with it.  I could tell myself that Im going to workout 4 times a week, and end up working out zero times instead because something came up.  So by the end of the day I tell myself that I’ll workout the next day instead, which I never do.  I found that there are 2 routines or methods of staying in shape that I actually like.  Yoga and Pilates.  I’m into Pilates because I like the idea of sculpting the muscle that you already have, and I enjoy yoga because it’s sooo relaxing.  Normally when I do yoga, it’s right before I go to bed ay night because it calms my mind, body and soul.  It sounds cheesy but it’s true!  I want to be consistent with staying in shape, but I dont wanna make it a new year’s resolution (because I never keep those) and i’m ready to break this bad habit.  HELP!!!  What should I do Dolls :-/?!

Throwback Jam: Whitney Houston

29 Nov

Good morning Dolls!  We have yet another treat for you today! We have a whole lotta die hard Whitney fans still out there so this one’s for you, and to anyone else that can go back to that special place in their past when a classic throwback was hot.  For me, this song takes me back to when Taneica and I use to dance in front of my mother’s mirror singing into combs and brushes and really getting into this song :-)!!!  Good times, Good times.  man they dont make em like this anymore!  Click here;  For Whitney Houston’s ” I Wanna Dance With Somebody”:

Photo of the Day

29 Nov

Calling all Central Florida Dolls!

28 Nov

My tree braids!!!


Good morning dolls! I have some exciting news! Check this out!!!!  Ms. Ethina and her wonderful Strands of beauty staff will be back in Orlando, next week on December 11th and 12th! It costs $150 to get your hair braided (including the hair), but it makes for a wonderful resting style without putting too much stress on your hair. My hair grows so quickly when I just let it  be. If your hair is anything like mine and you’re looking for a low maintainance/manipulation hair style for the holidays, this may be the style for you! Visit her website at and schedule your appointment! Tell her Taneica sent you!

Picture is property of Strands of Beauty


Ms.Ethina rocks!